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Infectious agent in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2017-12-31Updated:2017-12-31
Similar words: infectiousinfectious diseaseinfectiondisinfectionsuperinfectionurinary tract infectionthroat infectionfungal infectionMeaning: n. an agent capable of producing infection. random good picture
1. Estimated costs for some infectious agents are equally staggering.
2. Better understanding of animal reservoirs and vectors of infectious agents is important in anticipating and controlling emerging infections.
3. Whereas blood recipients can easily receive infectious agents, passing them on is difficult.
4. It seems unlikely to be an infectious agent that is causing the problem as only Koi and Orfe are affected.
4. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
5. Are ongoing and a candidate causative infectious agent is under investigation.
6. Virus: Microscopic, simple infectious agent that can multiply only in living cells of animals, plants, or bacteria.
7. The infectious agent responsible here was Nocardia, which is known to produce chronic abscessing inflammation.
8. Whatever the answer, it seems certain that an infectious agent of unusual properties has been discovered.
9. This is another infectious agent that is becoming more frequent in immunocompromised patients, particularly those with AIDS.
10. There is strong evidence that this infectious agent promotes diseases of both plants and mammals, which is very rare.
11. Dissemination of the infectious agent (M. tuberculosis, fungi) may produce a similar pattern in other organs.
12. Here too the infectious agent is elusive -- yet incredibly hardy.
13. Polyoma virus: Minute infectious agent normally present in extremely small amounts in wild mice without causing obvious ill effects.
14. Immediate priorities should include improving facilities to deal with infectious agents that require high level microbiological safety precautions. iii.
15. The crowded conditions they lived in were ideal for passing on an infectious agent.
16. Traditional vaccines work mainly by priming the immune system so that it knows how to make antibodies to a particular infectious agent.
17. I reckon a lot of these mysterious chronic diseases are related to some infectious agent that's been a trigger.
18. Under normal circumstances the immune system will eradicate an infectious agent using antibodies and T cells as its main weapons.
19. The way the body recognises an infection is by examining molecules from the infectious agent.
20. Objective To confirm melamine and cyanuric acid was the infectious agent of kidney damage of rats and to explore the renal toxicity of melamine.
21. For the sake of public health, the American Red Cross should be trying to identify the infectious agent that is in our blood.
22. The researchers say this is consistent with Salmonella Typhi having become an infectious agent exclusive to humans, with asymptomatic carriers the main source of infection.
23. In the midst of all these uncertainties, one thing is sure. When an infectious agent causes a global public health emergency, health is not a peripheral issue.
24. There are early suggestions that the virus may be a secondary infection more likely to invade when hosts already are dealing with another infectious agent.
25. The communicability period occurs during acute infection and until the infectious agent is no longer present in feces, usually within 4 weeks after illness.
26. It might have happened when you were a child and now it [the infectious agent] is long gone, but it sets you up for a problem later in life.
27. Antiperistaltic agents are not given to a patient who has infectious diarrheal syndromes because of the potential for prolonging exposure to the infectious agent.
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