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Inexpert in a sentence

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Sentence count:18Posted:2017-08-11Updated:2017-08-11
Similar words: inexpensiveinexperienceinexpedientinexperiencedunexpectedexpertunexpectedlyexpertlyMeaning: [ɪn'ekspɜrt /-pɜːt] adj. lacking professional skill or expertise. random good picture
1. He was too inexperienced and too inexpert to succeed.
2. She had made an inexpert attempt to repair the car.
3. I'm inexpert at cooking.
4. It allows relatively inexpert people to communicate the gravity of the problem to others so teamwork can be handled sensibly.
5. Herman's taxidermy was inexpert, but Ma Katz was desiccated rather than rotten.
6. He grew accustomed to feeling inexpert and out of his depth.
7. He was inexpert in driving an automobile.
8. The adjustment needed is towards a partnership of fellow professionals rather than a hierarchy of expert superordinates and inexpert subordinates.
9. Sore experience on the Debenham house made him very aware of how easily original details can be lost in inexpert hands.
10. An older woman whose hair and dress were folded and starched leading a younger woman flushed with inexpert embarrassment.
11. At least the wines tasted very curious to my inexpert palate.
12. The first was to put it across to laymen, interested in science but inexpert in it.
13. It's easy to see where a friend is going wrong on Monday, but that doesn't mean you should weigh in with your inexpert advice.
14. Most people who become 3D artists rarely venture beyond modeling, and their forays into animation are inexpert at best, and cringe-worthy or unwatchable at worst.
15. Results The trend in general outpatient service was down and inexpert service and emergency up.
15. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day!
16. Some people are white, like the Rightists in the Party who are politically white and technically inexpert .
17. RESULTS: Complications including cornea injury, iris injury, posterior capsule rupture, iris prolapse and hyphema, were mainly caused by inexpert skill and lacking of experience.
18. Surprisingly little is known about his private life - Mr Geithner prefers to keep it private - but he is a keen tennis player and an enthusiastic, if inexpert, skier.
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