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Inequality in a sentence

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Sentence count:156+3 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-08Updated:2017-02-08
Synonym: imbalanceirregularityunevennessAntonym: equalitySimilar words: qualityunequalsine qua noninequityqualitativeequabilitysexualityequalMeaning: [‚ɪnɪ'kwɑlətɪ /-'kwɒl-] n. lack of equality. random good picture
(1) Inequality and poverty breed class conflict.
(2) Is social inequality the inevitable corollary of economic freedom?
(3) They can build a more harmonious society once inequality and exploitation are removed.
(4) The fundamental patterns of inequality have remained and have been accentuated by the war.
(5) People are concerned about social inequality.
(6) He thought social inequality was all part of the natural order of things.
(7) Unemployment, inflation and greater inequality are often the downside of a market economy.
(8) This degree of inequality was by no means true of all Victorian marriages.
(9) The introduction of school fees would create inequality between schools.
(10) Sex inequality in pay reinforces class inequality.
(11) It was a time not only of heroic inequality but of incredible ostentation.
(12) We shall pursue the debate over income inequality in Chapter 37.
(13) However, it is generally recognized that gender inequality in education is in many respects different from inequality of class.
(14) In the absence of alarm, inequality is more easily accepted than social reformers in the past have supposed.
(15) In other words, general levels of income inequality have a positive effect on the incidence of political violence.
(16) And inequality of income is one reason inflation is nonexistent.
(17) Markets intensify economic inequality and add to the numbers of the poor. 3.
(18) This expression is an inequality, giving upper and lower limits on relationships between the measured variables.
(19) Education provides a final measure of inequality.
(20) The law has done little to prevent racial discrimination and inequality.
(21) Warren also allows that capitalist development may, in its early stages, result in increased social inequality.
(22) Many sociologists have regarded education as central in perpetuating inequality.
(23) Yet finding out what happens in higher education is of utmost importance in understanding the patterns of gender inequality that exist.
(24) Every value distribution entails trade-offs between different values as well as some inequality in the distribution of benefits and burdens.
(25) The predominance is assumed to follow in a Paretian manner from inequality in the distribution of the relevant power-related resources.
(26) When the dimension of gender is added, we can see even greater disadvantage and inequality for females.
(27) One effect of this trend has been to fuel inequality among families.
(28) Our second tentative conclusion is that social services may have reduced people's subjective sense of inequality.
(29) More thoughtful Conservatives are aware that a movement towards greater inequality can not continue indefinitely in a democratic society.
(30) This rethinking is even more necessary for the assumption that the growth of exchange implies greater inequality.
More similar words: qualityunequalsine qua noninequityqualitativeequabilitysexualityequalinequitablebe equal tosqualidqualifyqualifiedequanimitydisqualifiedqualificationvenalitynormalityvitalitymortalitygeneralitypersonalityconvivialitynationalityoriginalityprincipalitytechnicalitymunicipalityessentialityimpartiality
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