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Incorrigible in a sentence

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Sentence count:32+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-01-28Updated:2017-01-28
Similar words: eligiblehorriblelegiblecorridortangiblefungibleillegibleintangibleMeaning: [ɪn'kɑrɪdʒəbl ,-kɔr- /-kɒr-] adj. impervious to correction by punishment. random good picture
1. "Sue, you are incorrigible!" he said.
2. Because he was an incorrigible criminal, he was sentenced to life imprisonment.
3. Her husband is an incorrigible flirt.
4. Peter, you are an incorrigible flirt!
5. Gamblers are incorrigible optimists.
6. Incorrigible to the last, the high priest of scandal has even turned his worst moment into a punch-line.
7. First, women were probably regarded as more hopelessly incorrigible, more totally irredeemable when fallen.
8. He was an incorrigible liar too.
9. To the adults of the town, he was incorrigible.
10. He has an incorrigible fondness for persons of low birth and spends most of the day with them.
11. Then she said I was incorrigible, and I said that was a compliment.
12. And even Cotton Fitzsimmons, an incorrigible optimist by nature, seemed to buy into that at least a little bit.
13. She's an incorrigible flirt!
14. The corrupt elements who absolutely incorrigible party and the government can not escape a severe trial.
15. In truth, I found myself incorrigible with respect to order.
16. Can I say one thing about Mr. Incorrigible?
17. He is an incorrigible tinkerer who holds four elevator patents.
18. I'm Kurt . I'm eleven . I'm incorrigible.
19. Most of them are incorrigible, and hated by others.
20. Maybe you will think that CHE incorrigible romanticist but I think that's why he is glamorous.
21. The New Dealers were incorrigible philosophizers.
22. He is an incorrigible thief and has been to the jail many times.
23. An incorrigible Romeo, Mr. Mays gave his alter ego a Juliet: the sister of a Mexican-American gang member.
24. Those who are really incorrigible should be expelled from the Party.
24. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
25. Everyone makes mistakes, but few are incorrigible.
26. It's the water's coat-of-Joseph and its Nessus-shirt only the hardy survive: odd pink bivalves mottled crabs, incorrigible lugworms.
27. Education and taught for the first time I even had, but a continuous good times, incorrigible.
28. No one could understand why he stood up for an incorrigible criminal.
29. As to me -- will you never understand that I am incorrigible?'
30. When he didn't improve, they decided the colt was incorrigible.
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