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Incise in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2017-01-28Updated:2017-01-28
Similar words: incisivepreciseexerciseimprecisepreciselyto be preciseracistracismMeaning: [ɪn'saɪz] v. make an incision into by carving or cutting. random good picture
1. The design is incised into a metal plate.
2. The letters were incised in stone.
3. His name was incised on the stone.
4. After the surface is polished, a design is incised or painted.
5. The deeply incised DE/ED made with a red-hot nail was visible for anyone to see.
6. It is incised in the child and in the fertile mysteries of childhood as these survive in adults.
7. Being based on characters which had been designed for incising in stone they were difficult and slow to write.
8. Figure out how to incise the charts.
9. The pot surface can also be carved, incised and perforated: all three of these techniques involve the removal of clay.
10. It has several deep canyons incising into its southern flank, and an old road running within a few miles of it.
11. Its bright green color and incised leaves serve as a most suitable complement to cryptocorynes.
12. Two square escutcheon plates, each incised with a cross, have been riveted on to the surface above and below the keyhole.
13. Now the natural drainage systems are incised 20 feet below the surrounding landscape.
14. I too enlarged the material in Sur Incises, and the work had an immediate impact without my abandoning anything at all.
15. Use a warm sharp pointed spatula and neatly incise minute line simulation strands of hair.
16. Incise the skin and subcutaneous fat, then palpate the lesion and excise the mass.
17. The new plastic incise drape performed a significant prevention of the bacteria from growth and migration.
18. Aim:To study the effect of different incise methods on the round protrusion of herniated disc in the inducing of fibrous scar formation in front of dura sac.
19. The new plastic incise drape could reduce incision and inner incision contamination.
20. We need make a incise estimate in addavance.
21. Incise the superficial and deep fasciae.
22. Flexible and sharp , it can incise, expose,[Sentence dictionary] exenterate and heal.
23. One has children outside the state plan, incise all team member's hang down!
24. There are 16 panels depicting high relief figures on a low relief and incised background.
25. They were decorated both before and after assembly, with incised lines, compass drawn circles and ring-and-dot motifs.
26. The blades of emersed plants are unlike those of E. macrophyllus, being ovate and incised at the apex.
27. They may also be decorated with dots, arcs, circles, triangles, stamped, notched or bear incised lines.
28. The leaves are sometimes nearly entire, but their sides are usually incised and resemble oak leaves.
29. These are no idle scratchings but have been carefully and purposefully incised, and the reason is self-evident.
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