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Incidence in a sentence

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Synonym: relative incidenceSimilar words: coincidenceincidentevidenceresidenceconfidencecoincideaccidentby accidentMeaning: ['ɪnsɪdəns] n. 1. the relative frequency of occurrence of something 2. the striking of a light beam on a surface. 
1 Why did the incidence of heroin use continue to climb?
2 There is a greater incidence of cancer in the families of radiation workers.
3 The incidence of cholera in the camps has reached plague proportions.
4 We compared the incidence of coronary heart disease and total mortality.
5 There's still a high incidence of malaria in the area.
6 Authentic Italian cooking is very healthy-witness the low incidence of heart disease in Italy.
7 What is the incidence of the tax?
8 Incidence of the disease is fairly evenly spread across Europe.
9 There the incidence of the cancer of the oesophagus was suspected to be pretty high.
10 The study noted an increased incidence of heart disease in women.
11 This area has a high incidence of crime, disease, unemployment,[] etc.
12 The incidence of the illness differs greatly between men and women.
13 The incidence of breast cancer increases with age.
14 They found an increased incidence of childhood leukaemia in some areas.
15 Smokers had the highest incidence of colds.
16 The study compares the incidence of bone cancer in men and women.
17 The report analyses the incidence of cancer among people aged 0 - 24.
18 There the incidence of the cancer of the esophagus was suspected to be pretty high.
19 The country had the lowest incidence of AIDS cases proportional to its population.
20 The lack of vitamins may explain the higher incidence of heart disease.
21 A cohort study of gastric cancer incidence among cimetidine users previously published is extended with additional three years of observation.
22 Recent reports, however, show that the incidence may decrease to 0.3-0.5% as experience increases.
23 His estimate of half a million HIV positive cases was based on an extrapolation of the known incidence of the virus.
24 The study purports to show an increase in the incidence of the disease.
25 The medical histories of our patients show a high incidence of past diseases.
26 The distribution of taxes depends on the assumptions about the incidence, discussed below, and on the allocation series.
27 What is relevant to the worker elites, however, is the fundamental change in the incidence of displacement.
28 In other words, general levels of income inequality have a positive effect on the incidence of political violence.
29 The second major observation is that mixed description types result in a low incidence of plural continuations.
30 Young people are unlikely to be affected by statistics showing the high incidence of disease and early death among smokers.
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