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Incapable in a sentence

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Sentence count:204+14 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-01-11Updated:2017-01-11
Synonym: incompetentunableunfitunqualifiedAntonym: capableSimilar words: capablecapabilityculpablepalpableimpalpablecapacityencapsulateencapsulatedMeaning: ['ɪn'keɪpəbl] adj. 1. (followed by `of') lacking capacity or ability 2. not being susceptible to or admitting of something (usually followed by `of') 3. lacking the necessary skill or knowledge etc. 4. (followed by `of') not having the temperament or inclination for 5. not meeting requirements. random good picture
1, He seemed incapable of understanding how she felt.
2, He is incapable of discriminating between a good idea and a terrible one.
3, He's a pompous old prig who's totally incapable of taking a joke.
4, The injured man was incapable of walking, so he had to be carried.
5, He seems incapable of walking past a music shop without going in and buying another CD.
6, The wine had made him incapable of thinking clearly.
7, The children seem to be totally incapable of working by themselves.
8, She seemed incapable of taking decisions.
9, The children seem to be totally incapable of working quietly by themselves.
10, Her trouble is she's incapable of making a decision.
11, I am morally certain that he is incapable of deliberately harming anyone.
12, 75% of the electorate believe his party is incapable of government.
13, She seemed incapable of forming any relationships.
14, He would be incapable of committing such a cruel deed.
15, She is incapable of discerning right from wrong.
16, That child seems incapable of keeping out of mischief.
17, The stroke rendered her incapable of speech.
18, He's incapable of holding himself in.
19, If people keep telling you you're incapable(,[] you begin to lose confidence in yourself.
20, I think she's incapable of love.
21, As a lawyer she's totally incapable.
22, He was so upset that he was incapable of coherent thought.
23, Are schools breeding a race of children incapable of making decisions for themselves?
24, He was incapable of sustaining close relationships with women.
25, He's a sort of people who're incapable of deceiving you.
26, He was constitutionally incapable of dealing with conflict.
27, He lost his job for allegedly being incapable.
28, The company seems to be incapable of hanging on to its staff.
29, He seems incapable of love.
30, It is legally possible for an elderly person to nominate someone to act for them, should they become incapable of looking after themselves.
More similar words: capablecapabilityculpablepalpableimpalpablecapacityencapsulateencapsulatedableviablecabletableunablegabledenablenotableliableusableamiabletableauaffableparablebe able tolikablesociableamicabledisabledsizeablemalleablereliable
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