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In grain in a sentence

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Sentence count:38Posted:2019-02-08Updated:2019-02-08
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(1) The company is an international trader in grain.
(2) These people have now become almost self-sufficient in grain crops.
(3) He did nothing to check the huge hikes in grain prices.
(4) It is also wonderfully irregular in grain size, which gives a very natural effect, with odd pebbles here and there.
(5) Most of the commingled corn is stored in grain elevators, said John Wichtrich, general manager for Aventis CropScience.
(6) The determination of malathion residues in grain by gas chromatography is introduced.
(7) The shape of carbide formed with in grain depended on holding temperature.
(8) Throughout history, that phenomenon has lead to explosions in grain storage facilities.
(9) Obvious increase in grain protein, prolamine (zein) and glutelin content of high-oil corn at different levels of nitrogen application was observed.
(10) The image processing technology to detect insects in grain elevator is tried to use.
(11) Introduce status of vacuum technology application and development in grain field briefly ...
(12) HPMC can not dissolve in grain alcohol, aether and acetone without water in them and can dissolve into clear or slight feculent colloidal solution .
(13) He is a knave in grain.
(14) An investigation of the trace element contents in grain, vegetable and water was carried out in both endemic and non-endemic areas of goiter and cretinism in Yunvang, Hubei Province.
(15) Some overseas trade in grain arose.
(16) In 2005 the government banned the private trade in grain that had sprung up as an improvised response to the last famine.
(17) The xylan existing in grain feed is a major kind of anti-nutritional factors, it can reduce feed digestibility significantly and hinder the growth of livestock and poultry.
(18) There is neither residue problem with ethyne in grain fumigated, nor effect on both quality of grain and germination capacity of seeds.
(19) The results show that oxide inclusion in grain boundary and structure defects from casting and forging process are the main reasons for failure of the copper sleeve.
(20) In consequence some authors suggest that the conventionally applied log-normal probability law is not suitable for universal applications in grain size analysis.
(21) This thesis developed a HPLC method for determination of benzo a pyrene in grain.
(22) Conclusion The detection result of the method is satisfactory, which is a scientific and perfect method for detection of Ochratoxin contained in grain and fodder at home and abroad.
(23) The method and importance of making flow chart of technological process in grain mills by interactive computer graphics are presented in this paper.
(24) But officials worry about how to keep China near self-sufficiency in grain and sheltered from rising world prices.
(25) The latent heat of vaporization of water in rough rice is a basic parameter in grain drying research.
(26) Blade scratch Paper defect where there is a hair-like indentation in a coated surface running in grain direction. Caused by a particle lodged behind the blade during coating.
(27) Paper defect where there is a hair - like indentation in a coated surface running in grain direction.
(28) I've got a bracelet, too, from Sergeant - from the mother of Sergeant Ryan David Jopeck (ph), given to me in grain bin green bay.
(29) To study ecological niche of the Acaroid mites breeding in grain stocks with the logical and qualitative research.
(30) However, at high temperature, when the matrix is in the state of low saturation(near solvus), precipitations in grain and on grain boundary are controlled by driving force(thermodynamics).
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