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Impulsive in a sentence

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Sentence count:141+3 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-12-21Updated:2016-12-21
Synonym: brainishcapriciousdrivinghotheadedimpetuousmadcaptearawayunpromptedwhimsicalSimilar words: impulseimpressiveconvulsionspulseimpunityimpudentimpudenceimpudentlyMeaning: [ɪm'pʌlsɪv] adj. 1. proceeding from natural feeling or impulse without external stimulus 2. without forethought 3. having the power of driving or impelling 4. determined by chance or impulse or whim rather than by necessity or reason 5. characterized by undue haste and lack of thought or deliberation. random good picture
1. Rosa was impulsive and sometimes regretted things she'd done.
2. He is too impulsive to be a responsible prime minister.
3. His impulsive temperament regularly got him into difficulties.
4. He is impulsive in his actions.
5. In a burst of impulsive generosity, I offered to pay.
6. Don't be so impulsive - think before you act.
7. She is impulsive in her actions.
8. If you are a reckless, unrestrained and emotionally impulsive person, you are more likely to lose your future. Dr T.P.Chia 
9. Even to being impulsive, an uncontrolled state of irritability; it is a weakness and is accompanied by physical weakness.
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10. It thus excludes situations involving impulsive gravitational waves.
11. The violence is purposeless and impulsive.
12. Their absence led Barras into a series of impulsive and often self-destructive behaviors.
13. They include an impulsive component and a step component.
14. The use of this negative, impulsive punishment is inconsistent with what is desirable to teach chil-dren.
15. She could have bitten off her impulsive tongue.
16. But since they had married, as young impulsive teenagers, his charm had evaporated.
17. Impulsive A choice based on inadequate information responding to a feeling of urgency.
18. It was all some impulsive reaction to her father.
19. Jack had very decided misgivings about Minto's impulsive suggestion that Warnie should live with them.
20. She was impulsive, self-absorbed and careless about the future.
21. Beneath that wild, impulsive exterior lurked as sophisticated a character as she was ever likely to encounter.
22. They contain impulsive wave components, and therefore do not satisfy the conditions of Tipler's theorem.
23. The years of being branded impulsive, scatterbrained, too idealistic rushed back to mock her.
24. Kid that age, impulsive, headstrong: not much you can do.
25. When and, the approaching waves contain an impulsive component.
26. C is the most intellectual and best informed, less impulsive than A and B, but very resistant to change.
27. Harry's charm lay in his quick, almost mischievous smile and impulsive eagerness for life.
28. In terms of colliding plane waves, these solutions all involve approaching waves with initial impulsive components.
29. If Jack had been at all concerned that his impulsive gesture would result in an awkward silence he need not have worried.
30. Had he merely been swept along by the force of her own impulsive feelings?
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