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Impressionism in a sentence

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Similar words: impressionisticimpressionimpressionablecompressioncompressional waveimpressiveexpressionlessdepressionMeaning: [ɪm'preʃənɪzm] n. a school of late 19th century French painters who pictured appearances by strokes of unmixed colors to give the impression of reflected light. 
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1 The challenge to academic painting that impressionism posed was a challenge both in form and in content.
2 Impressionism begat post-impressionism, which begat cubism, which sired futurism, expressionism and all manner of errant abstractions.
3 What do you know about Post - impressionism?
4 Jiax impressionism of image in the E - age compared with other period of history?
5 Influenced by Paul Gauguin, Impressionism and Japanese Yamato-e, he drew the inspiration from the nature and formed his unique decorative artistic style.
6 Later impressionism, also including Paul Cezanne, Vincent Vangogh, Paul gauguin, increasingly destroyed the past traditional painting style in western Europe.
7 So Impressionism is the transfer of painting from tradition to modern.
8 Impressionism is concerned with effect of light on a subject.
9 Figurative art has evolved through Impressionism and Fauvism to arrive to at what we call Abstract art.
10 The painting belongs to the impressionism era.
11 Loiseau was born during which Impressionism was beginning to take its role in France, thus he had received great impact from Corot, Monet,[] and the style of pointillism.
12 It has been foal conclusion for impressionism feature in Li Jian-vvu 's literary criticism, but we have to reseed its deep structure.
13 Impressionism name from the famous monet was impression?
14 The impressionism ascends art circles in France in 60-90's in 19 centuries, it has no explicit outline, but it absorbed Corot and Barby painting parties and the Courbet realism nourishment .
15 His paintings were widely nurtured by classical art, impressionism and fauvism. Additionally his study and research on traditional Chinese art and folk art also laid an influence to his paintings.
16 Manet is a painter of impressionism.
17 This composition anticipates impressionism.
18 They would be signs of an unprofessional subjectivism and impressionism; in recent radical discourse they indicate an undesirable mystification.
19 Unlike many of his contemporaries, Prendergast did not embrace the more conservative aspects of Impressionism.
20 She differed from early realists as much as cubism from impressionism.
21 An anonymous poet who flourished in the tenth century; painted when Impressionism was flourishing.
22 This painting approaches the styles used during post - impressionism.
23 Vincent Van Gogh was a painting master of later impressionism.
24 Through concrete analysis of Debussy's piano opusculum The Lass with Flaxen Hair in its brad, tune and other aspects, it discusses the music style of impressionism.
25 The reflected light the artist has executed reveals the realistic visual sensation under the sun, which also indicates the artist's close connection with the Impressionism.
26 Anton Chekhov is accepted by us as a critical realism writer, but his works also reveals modern consciousness obviously, such as symbolism, impressionism, absurdness and so on.
27 The Primitivism is the exceptional one; its central principal is influential to other painting schools from Post- Impressionism , Fauvism to Cubism.
28 Some art historians have difficulty fitting Edgar Degas into a more narrowly conceived definition of Impressionism.
29 Vaughan Williams is a composer that Clarke named as an influence (as well as a colleague), and the modally -tinged harmonic language connects Clarke to what is sometimes called English impressionism.
30 The realistic nonobjective expression come from two aspects: one is western modern art which develop from realism to impressionism, abstractionism, cubism and fauvism.
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