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Impoverished in a sentence

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Similar words: impoverishimpoverishmentpovertyperishgive rise toover and overimposeimportMeaning: [ɪm'pɑvərɪʃ /-'pɒv-] adj. 1. poor enough to need help from others 2. destroyed financially. 
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1. Heavy rain and excessive use have impoverished the soil.
2. Falling coffee prices have impoverished many Third World economies.
3. They were impoverished by a prolonged spell of unemployment.
4. She's going out with an impoverished young actor.
5. Excessive farming had impoverished the soil.
6. An impoverished family can call forth a filial son.
7. The division between the prosperous west and the impoverished east remains.
8. Intensive cultivation has impoverished the soil.
9. Our lives would have been greatly impoverished if we had not known our dear friend.
10. She loathed being the child of impoverished labourers.
11. His health was impoverished daily.
12. The rural people have been impoverished by a collapsing economy.
13. Also patron of horsemen and the impoverished. Feast day, November 8.
14. She learned it from impoverished people who had come to her in desperation.
15. But the commercial success paradoxically impoverished the peasantry.
16. Crop rotation has not impoverished the soil.
17. One traditionally impoverished group - women - have become more represented in this offence than elsewhere in criminal statistics.
18. The impoverished crossed in steerage for fifty dollars; the prosperous strolled first-class decks and drank champagne at captains' tables.
19. He plays the classic anti-hero who drops out of society to join a world of impoverished artists and writers.
20. He warned that the breakdown of the family unit would lead to an impoverished society.
21. We do not have a government prepared to grant entitlement to truth and history to its impoverished population.
22. In fact, she had spent her entire life in that impoverished mountain village.
23. The essential oils, vitamins, minerals and the rest will be readily available so that an impoverished diet is unlikely.
24. It is a sign of the economic desperation that young people even aspire to work in impoverished Moscow and Bucharest.
25. If such integration were the aim, it would immediately have enormous resource implications in an already impoverished education system.
26. The shell game which Dad had instigated so long ago had impoverished all three of us.
27. The lack of a corresponding vibrant philosophical base fro residential care has impoverished it.
28. It documented the huge social costs of large dams, with up to 80m people dispossessed and millions more impoverished.Sentence dictionary
29. Added to the general problem of urban unemployment was the high concentration of impoverished racial minorities and immigrants in inner-city neighborhoods.
30. This helps explain why pentecostalism is attracting most of its membership among the impoverished majority rather than among the privileged few.
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