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Immobile in a sentence

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Similar words: immobilityimmobilizemobileautomobilemobile phoneupwardly mobilemobilityimmortalMeaning: [ɪ'məʊbl /-baɪl] adj. 1. not capable of movement or of being moved 2. securely fixed in place. 
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1. Joe remained as immobile as if he had been carved out of rock.
2. She could see a figure sitting immobile, facing the sea.
3. For a moment shock held her immobile.
4. Her illness has made her completely immobile.
5. She sat immobile, wondering what to do next.
6. She seemed scarcely to breathe as she lay immobile.
7. The deer stood immobile among the trees.
8. The dog lay at rest absolutely immobile.
9. Kim's illness had rendered her completely immobile.
10. His illness has left him completely immobile.
11. The accident left him totally immobile.
12. A riding accident left him immobile.
13. He stayed immobile, trying desperately to identify where he was and to recall how he had got there.
14. Brigg was immobile, his eyes fixed on the horizon.
15. She remained rigidly immobile, suddenly quite incapable of moving anyway.
16. We were immobile on the velvet cushions, my legs sticking out, jacket and skirt velvet enveloped by soft fabric.
17. He caught Siban's wrist and held it immobile.
18. Against an immobile target, such as a wall, even the early cannon could inflict quite considerable damage.
19. Immobile among the moving crowd, he stood there and watched.
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20. Beneath me June's body froze, becoming utterly immobile, lifeless.
21. A female produces few, large, immobile gametes called eggs.
22. Below 200 K the chains are virtually immobile, but above 200 K the lines sharpen as rotation begins.
23. So she sat, expressionless, immobile, trying to fight the anger as her gut ached for her husband.
24. So until it rains, the spadefoot sits immobile in its burrow, an unsuspected living presence beneath the parched desert floor.
25. The plaster cast is used to keep the leg immobile.
26. Literary texts are not some static crystalline structure in which we may glimpse a captured immobile past.
27. Masonry is extraordinarily satisfactory in its way but it is inherently heavy and immobile.
28. It was the same throughout the West, as an immense high-pressure zone sat immobile across the plains.
29. As she fastened the door and her seat belt he sat immobile, then when she was ready he started the engine.
30. The adamantium trunk yawned open, the glassy coils lying immobile within.
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