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Imagined in a sentence

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Similar words: imagineimaginaryimaginationimaginativeunimaginableimaginativelymaginot linemagicalMeaning: [ɪ'mædʒɪn] adj. not based on fact; dubious. random good picture
1. It is just as I imagined.
2. I had imagined her to be older than that.
3. She imagined walking into the office and handing in her resignation.
4. It's time to start living the life you've imagined.
5. His elation may well be imagined.
6. The house was just as she had imagined it.
7. She had never for one moment imagined that it could happen to her.
8. In real life he wasn't how she had imagined him at all.
9. She had imagined that the doctor would be male.
10. Would you ever have imagined him/his becoming a politician?
11. I fondly imagined that you cared.
12. She wasn't the sophisticate that Jack had imagined her to be.
13. I realised that I must have imagined the whole thing.
14. I had naively imagined that he was in love with me.
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15. It was something she had never imagined, not even in the deepest recesses of her mind.
16. She was ranting and raving about some imagined insult.
17. She imagined us living in a perfect mother and daughter symbiosis.
18. I fondly imagined that you cared for me.
19. She got a neurosis about chemicals and imagined them everywhere doing her harm.
20. He lives in an unreal world imagined by himself.
21. We never imagined that men would land on the moon.
22. I had fondly imagined that riding a mule would be easy.
23. I always imagined him following in his father's footsteps.
24. When you see famous people at close quarters, they always appear much smaller than you imagined them.
25. In this dictionary 'reality' is defined as 'the state of things as they are, rather than as they are imagined to be'.
26. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imaginedHenry David Thoreau 
27. I was surprised when I saw the farm. I had imagined it would be much bigger.
28. She finds that the sleepy town she moves to isn'tthe rural idyll she imagined.
29. MPs spend many hours listening to the real or imagined grievances of their constituents.
30. The task proved inconceivably more difficult than we had imagined.
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