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Illuminance in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2017-12-26Updated:2017-12-26
Similar words: luminanceilluminateilluminatedilluminatorilluminatingilluminationilluminationsillumineMeaning: n. the luminous flux incident on a unit area. 
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1. Over a surface , Illuminance averaged over the specified surface.
2. Illuminance and light power are basic lumlnosity indexes.
3. It refers to the specified average illuminance value on the lighted surface.
4. An approximate matrix-calculation method for finding the illuminance distribution of diffused reflection in the integrating sphere from a light source located at the sphere centre is derived.
5. The average illuminance over the reference surface at the end of the complete maintenance cycle.
6. Objective To explore the relationship between the illuminance and the observed order of reaction of photodegradation of nitrofurazone solution.
7. Illuminance of illuminating radiation is always measured in photometric units.
8. Finally, illuminance levels and luminance levels that the reasonable, comfortable,[] healthy artificial lighting of study needs given quantitative analysis.
9. Locus of points on a surface where the illuminance has the same value.
10. The ray trace and the illuminance calculation method of the CAD system is analyzed.
11. Key words: C - BUS , EPS, Illuminance, Glare, Uniformity.
12. Visual, electromagnetic spectrum, luminous flux, luminous intensity, illuminance, luminance.
13. Note: The maintained illuminance is the minimum value to which the illuminance is allowed to fall.
14. It refers to the illuminance value received by one point on the level.
15. Usual methods of illuminance computing on design of illuminance are introduced in this paper.
16. Butterfly reflector , wide and uniform light beam, long distance irradiation, high efficient illuminance.
16. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
17. The polarization grade of three lamps for the laboratory and the polarization error of two illuminance meters are measured.
18. This of light source used long after decay, leading to exposure of illuminance E smaller.
19. The observed order of reaction of photodegradation of nitrofurazone solution depended on both the concentration of the drug and the illuminance of the incident light.
20. The reflector adopts parabolic mirror with chromium - plated finish, high reflectivity and even illuminance in illuminated surface.
21. Conclusion The observed order of reaction of photodegradation of nitrofurazone solution depends on both the concentration of the drug and the illuminance of the incident light.
22. In the meantime, we analyse the main factors that is focus, relative aperture and image illuminance affect lens image quality and their relations.
23. It is partition with lamplight, it is support illume appliance, perhaps use different illuminance, different light source , will break up dimensional design.
24. The combination of detector and measuring unit in all its ranges shall have linear response to light up to the maximum level of illuminance.
25. Experimental results prove that extracted features using phase congruency is invariant to image illuminance (or contrast) and noise.
26. Experimental results show that the system can realize good focus in a wider range of illuminance.
27. The paper derives out the proper power supply voltage of city road lighting according to the illuminance and life span character at different voltage level.
28. The measurement method of the polarization grade for the source and depolarization and the concept of the polarization error for the illuminance meter are described.
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