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Ichthyosaur in a sentence

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Sentence count:14Posted:2017-11-15Updated:2017-11-15
Similar words: ichthyosisichthyologydinosaurpterosaurapatosaurusstegosaurusbrontosaurustyrannosaurusMeaning: n. any of several marine reptiles of the Mesozoic having a body like a porpoise with dorsal and tail fins and paddle-shaped limbs. 
1. What led one ichthyosaur to bite another on the snout is unknown.
2. "Whatever bit this ichthyosaur wasn't trying to kill it, just hurt it, " he says.
3. The ichthyosaur remains are found in black, bituminous marine shales deposited about 190 million years ago.
4. Don't let its large size fool you; the Ichthyosaur can easily move through the water at great speeds.
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5. A ferocious predator, Ichthyosaur can ravage even the most hardy prey in seconds.
6. A ferocious predator, the Ichthyosaur can ravage even the most hardy prey in seconds.
7. This never seemed to happen to other diving reptiles such as the ichthyosaurs.
8. Four women at the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology in Beijing, China, underscore a 19-foot (5.7-meter), 200-million-year-old ichthyosaur fossil from southern China.
9. The quality of preservation is outstanding, but what is even more impressive is the number of ichthyosaur fossils containing preserved embryos.
10. Given these factors, some areas have become a treasury of well - preserved ichthyosaur fossils.
11. Fossil forensics has now identified the most likely culprit: another ichthyosaur.
12. The researchers found that the wounds on the Australian ichthyosaur had partially healed; remodeled bone around the bite marks confirmed that the animal lived for a long time after the trauma.
13. One hundred and twenty million years ago, when a Cretaceous sea covered what is now South Australia, an ichthyosaur had a really bad day.
14. The specialty of Mata Lake includes spun gold duck egg, ichthyosaur and white lotus root, which are tributes to imperial court in history with their unique flavor.
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