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Hyperbola in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2017-08-12Updated:2017-08-12
Similar words: hyperbolethunderbolthyperhypehype uphyperlinkhypertexthyperemiaMeaning: [haɪ'pɜrbələ /-'pɜːb-] n. an open curve formed by a plane that cuts the base of a right circular cone. random good picture
1. According to the relationship between hyperbola and its normal, the analytic equation is discussed.
2. This curve resembles the unifoliate hyperbola in maths.
3. Another is to intenerate the input vectors by hyperbola tangent function.
4. The duncan - Zhang E - B hyperbola model includes seven parameters.
5. This paper discusses the drawing of hyperbola normal through a point outside the hyperbola and points out the unsolvability of geometric drawing method and the unintegrality of optimization method.
6. Construct hyperbola and the ellipse by taking the inversion.
7. A hyperbola approaches but does not meet its asymptote.
8. Its hyperbola ferroconcrete appearance became the typical symbol of power station.
9. The demand curve is thus an equilateral hyperbola.
10. Whereas the extremities of a parabola become parallel to its major axis, the asymptotes of a hyperbola cross one another.
11. The departure leg would be the mirror image of the inbound path ( a hyperbola or parabola ).
12. This paper analyses the causes of the angle of release, incidence angle and the hyperbola from the biomechanics of angle, research the influence and affect to the shooting baskets rate.
13. Results The difference values calculated were various with the arch form, the sequence was oval, round, parabola, catenuliform, and hyperbola from big difference to smell.
14. The change of the flue temperature in a coking period is a hyperbola. Two undulances of the hyperbola change with the operating sequence, overhaul schedule and the direction changed period.
14. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day!
15. In addition, research was made on 6 types of arch configuration such as three center circle, logarithm spiral curve, parabola, hyperbola, ellipse and the general quadratic curve .
16. Discussions revealed that there are still shortcomings in the hyperbola and exponential Curve methods for calculating the settlement by means of measured settlement curves.
17. The method uses small random samples and the limits of a hyperbola.
18. By means of analyzing the mathematical expressions, the projective drawing and the error curves, the appropriate limits and conditions of using the circular pitch arc in place of hyperbola...
19. The relation between the chlorinity and porosity may be approximated by a hyperbola.
20. In this paper new exact solitary wave solutions of some nonlinear evolution equations are constructed by replacing the hyperbola function with the combinations of the exponential functions.
21. In the light of trisection angle problem, the paper discusses the nature of trisection angle and hyperbola and mechanical drawing and explores the problem of arbitrary proportion of a certain angle.
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