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Hydrothorax in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2017-09-28Updated:2017-09-28
Similar words: hydrothermalhydrotherapythoraxhydrohydrogenhydrologyanhydroushydrofoilMeaning: n. accumulation of fluid in the pleural cavity (the space between the lungs and the walls of the chest) often resulting from disease of the heart or kidneys. 
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(1) The diagnostic certainty of hydrothorax exfoliative cytologic examination is 73.1%.
(2) We herein present a patient with CAPD-related massive hydrothorax who was diagnosed as having a diaphragmatic defect.
(3) Treatment of hepatic hydrothorax is a clinical challenge, and pleural effusion is a common complication in patients with liver cirrhosis.
(4) Objective: To analyze the cases of transudatory hydrothorax(TH) in order to improve its diagnostic rate.
(5) Objective:To analyse the cause of hydrothorax in the process of hemodialysis and treatment.
(6) The diagnosis of hepatic hydrothorax should be suspected in a patient with established cirrhosis and portal hypertension, presenting with a unilateral pleural effusion(, most commonly right-sided.
(7) Hepatic hydrothorax is defined as a significant pleural effusion (usually greater than 500 ml) in a cirrhotic patient, without an underlying pulmonary or cardiac disease.
(8) Methods Clinical data of 207 cases with effusion hydrothorax were retrospectively analyzed groups of different ages.
(9) Methods Serum and hydrothorax fluid levels of CEA, CA125, NSE were determined with RIA in 88 patients with lung cancers, 100 patients with inflammatory hydrothorax, and 50 controls.
(10) Methods Clinical data of 207 cases with effusion hydrothorax were retrospectively analyzed according to groups of different ages.
(11) Operative complications:9 cases of left hydrothorax, 10 cases of left subphrenic hydrops and one hemorrhage of upper digestive tract.
(12) Objective:To observe the effect of malignant hydrothorax treated with Juanyin Decoctionand intrathoracic chemotherapy.
(13) The diagnostic accordance of the aged carcinomatous hydrothorax and tuberculous pleural effusion amounted to 74.1% and 42.5% respectively.
(14) Objective: To explore the diagnostic significance and application value of determination of hydrothorax ADA for tuberculous pleurisy.
(15) Objective To investigate the value of ADA in differential diagnosis of hydrothorax.
(16) Objective: To study the The effect of injection urokinase treat tuberculous pleurisy inducing hydrothorax.
(17) After the operation(, the patient had no recurrence of hydrothorax and underwent CAPD safely.
(18) We herein present a patient with CAPD - related massive hydrothorax who was diagnosed a diaphragmatic defect.
(19) Objective to Analyse the age, causes, treatment and recovery of hydrothorax patients.
(20) Methods The clinical data of 69 cases with senile hydrothorax was analyzed retrospectively.
(21) Objective To determine the causes and differential diagnosis of effusion hydrothorax ( PEE ).
(22) There was 1 case of residual tumor cells at the esophageal margin, 1 case of hydrothorax and hydrops of costal bed, no costal chondritis, pneumothorax and fistula formation.
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