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Hydronium in a sentence

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Sentence count:18Posted:2017-11-15Updated:2017-11-15
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1. The results showed that the diffusion of the hydronium ion is the dominant process.
2. Be rich in negative hydronium , can absorb pore dirt, clear in deep level to achieve a bright and smoothing skin. Promote blood circulation to dispel the fatigue and refresh .
3. Lithium hydronium cell ( group ), nicel hydrogen cell ( group ), nicel cadmium cell ( group ), fastener cell ( group ).
4. It will help the aging to absorb Cal hydronium , and prevent osteoporosis.
5. In intelligent irrigation, hydronium concentration of the solution has characteristics of long delay and great inertia, and due to the influence of the environment, the object plus varies a lot.
6. Taking electrobath of hydronium film as an example, this paper introduces the form of cascade control system, and analyzes its working process, structure and characteristics.
7. Conductance - hydronium chromatography method was adopted.
8. Hydrochloric acid interacts with water to form hydronium ions and chloride ions.
8. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
9. Hydronium Chromatography method is a good method to test nitrate in dairy with high recovery rate, accuracy and low detection limit.
10. In the future war, as the new technique of artillery and ammo advances and the develop of the old technique, such as the electromagnetic artillery and the hydronium artillery.
11. Finally, a new product development platform was developed. The development process of the negative hydronium generator of automobile was illuminated to verify the feasibility of this approach.
12. If the original water has bad quality or customer need superior-grade water, JRO Reverse Osmosis can connect the hydronium -exchange equipments to ensure the water quality.
13. It can avoid hurting hair and non-sufficient temperature with hydronium heater and highly heat-resistance colophony on the surface.
14. The salt-resistant characteristic which is adapt to poisonousness of salt hydronium , such as salt-gland, crystal cell, and soon.
15. Adsorption model, the thermodynamics parameters, sticking probability and activation energy of fluor hydronium on modified coke powders were investigated.
16. We should avoid using higher alkali oil displacement fluid in tertiary recovery aftertime and using iron hydronium stabilizerin acidification.
17. The acid retardation process occurs due to the selective absorptivity of the hydronium ion on the anion exchange resin.
18. A superconductor with very low content of sodium and very high content of hydronium through a disproportionation reaction route is reported.
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