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Hydrazine in a sentence

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Sentence count:48Posted:2018-09-12Updated:2018-09-12
Similar words: hydrazideatrazinecrazinesstartrazinerazingbrazinggrazingcrazingMeaning: n. a colorless fuming corrosive liquid; a powerful reducing agent; used chiefly in rocket fuels. 
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1 Synthesis process of benzophenone hydrazone is studied with benzophenone and 80%hydrazine as raw materials. Effects of material ratio, reaction time and concentration on aimed products are explored.
2 Superfine silver powder was prepared by water - hydrazine hydrate chemical reduction method.
3 The review discusses many ways of preparing hydrazine through hydrolysis of Azine, and the effects of catalyst to yield of hydrazine by hydrolyzing azine.
4 Main characteristics of hydrazine hydrate, industrial production process and development status were introduced.
5 Examples of such fuels are monomethyl - hydrazine and diborane.
6 Reaction with hydrazine forms the hydrazidine.
7 And the thickness of coatings increased when hydrazine was used.
8 Hydrazine is similar to chlorine or ammonia in that it affects the lungs and breathing tissue.
9 Thermal control of monopropellant catalytic decomposition hydrazine engines in important portion of space propulsive system.
10 Hydrazine perchlorate and lithium perchlorate form two eutectics.
11 Technology improvement of crude hydrazine hydrate refining procedure was introduced.
12 Then another reactor would be needed to, for example, convert ammonia into hydrazine.
13 The decomposition reaction is endothermic reaction for the ground state of hydrazine, but it is exothermic reaction for the first excited singlet state of hydrazine.
14 A multi-metal alloy catalyst for hydrogenation of acetonitrile to ethylamine was prepared using hydrazine hydrate and potassium borohydride as the co- reductant .
15 The main products are PVC resin suspension, the bulk of PVC resin, ADC foam, caustic soda (protopine), hydrazine hydrate, sodium tripolyphosphate, cement, calcium carbide , and so on.
16 The impact flash may have been caused by the thermal emission from the impact itself or by the release of spacecraft volatiles, such as the small amount of hydrazine fuel remaining on board.
17 This review describes the property, preparation use, present situation and development of hydrazine hydrate.
18 In this paper, bendazac lysine was synthesized from phenyl hydrazine by 4 steps, and an overall yield was up to 46.8%.
19 Recently the reactivity of nitric esters in the presence of hydrazine has been investigated.
20 A reversed phase HPLC method wa s esta blished to determine hydrazine in plasma.
21 The material is readily prepared by reaction of formaldehyde and hydrazine.
22 Ozone depletion caused by NO and H 2 O emissions rom hydrazine - fueled rockets.
23 The adsorption, desorption performance of strong acidic ion-exchange fiber(IEF) for unsymmetrical dimethyl hydrazine(UDMH) was investigated.
24 Nanometer copper powders were prepared from acidic waste etching solution containing copper using hydrazine hydrate as a reductive agent.
25 Methods: The hemolysis was induced respectively by H _ 2 O _ 2 in vitro and acetylphenyl hydrazine ( APH ) in vivo.
26 Composite powder for electroless nickel plating on copper matrix was prepared by means of hydrazine reduction.
27 The craft , a spy satellite , was carrying around 450 kg of toxic hydrazine fuel.
28 According to study of synthesis thiocarbohydrazide,[] confirmed the optimal ration of hydrazine hydrate to carbon disulfide is 3.
29 The approach of reutilization of by-product salt slag of hydrazine hydrate was studied. Process technology line was ensured, and technology economic estimation was discussed.
30 This paper reports the synthesis of 1 phenylacetyl 4 phenyl thiosemicarbazide from phenylacetyl hydrazine and phenyl isothiocyanate with aluminium oxide as a surpport under microwave irradiation.
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