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Hunk in a sentence

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Sentence count:45Posted:2017-07-14Updated:2017-07-14
Synonym: bulkchunkgoblumpmasspiecewadSimilar words: chunkchunkyhunker downhunkered downhungshunhunthunchMeaning: [hʌŋk] n. 1. a well-built sexually attractive man 2. a large piece of something without definite shape. 
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1 She tore off a large hunk of bread.
2 He turned round, offering me a hunk of bread and margarine with cheese on top - real luxury.
3 Jack cut off a hunk of meat and handed it to Simon.
4 He's a real hunk.
5 For lunch I had cheese with a hunk of bread and a glass of red wine.
6 A rough hunk of metal about the size of a big ball bearing was lodged in my shoulder.
7 Just pick up the nearest hunk of high-priced technology you have on hand and hurl it against the wall.
8 I imagined Richard, my massive hunk,( sheltering a tiny kitty in the cradle of his arm.
9 Her eyes lit up as she spotted Spartacus hunk Kirk-at 83 just a year her junior and pictured right.
10 Its a prime hunk of real estate.
11 But Mars is just a little nearby hunk of rock in our own solar system – while Aldebaran is a mighty star, located about 65-light years away.
12 I would mix in a hunk of the previously mixed, week old dough to enhance the sourdough development.
13 Molly: I wonder what my hunk, AKA Brad Pitt, will wear.
14 The Twilight hunk brings his enticing Calvin Klein underwear ads to life on the beaches of St. Maarten during his Caribbean getaway.
15 Thirty-two-year-old Mike Keneally managed to transform himself from a 28-stone blob into a 14-stone hunk.
16 The final project was a still life with all these objects in it as well as a small hunk of plastic ham.
17 Hardly surprising really considering it feels not dissimilar from a hunk of exceedingly dead meat!
18 As I left to return to work, I spied this hunk across the street and resolved to have him.
19 He reached the large block of offices, at least eighty firms doing business within this hunk of concrete and glass.
20 The whimpering old man suddenly went crazy, ripping off a hunk of the bun and cramming it into his mouth.
21 During the Olympics there wasn't so much as a hint of nookie between her and her hunk.
22 Will he be remembered as a statesman in his final days, or just another bought-and-paid-for hunk of political meat?
23 An old pal is bringing me a two - carat hunk of ice.
24 In Star Wars Han Solo , played by Harrison Ford , is this kind of tough guy hunk.
25 In the desert 175 miles north of Tucson, Meteor Crater is the scar where a boxcar-size hunk of iron slammed into Earth 50,000 years ago.
26 Gordon: I was just watching a movie by Hollywood's hunk.
27 Twinkly blue peepers and sandy blonde hair – not to mention bicep measurements to make any wannabe hunk weep into his Maximuscle shake – mean this chap's perpetually set to stun.
28 Jack: You must mean, Dustin Hoffan, he is a hunk!
29 Wherever she goes she always manages to pick up a hunk.
30 On top of the ramekin a skinless half chicken or a hunk of lean pork shoulder.
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