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Hunch over in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2017-07-07Updated:2017-07-07
Similar words: watch overhunchhunchedhoverhunchbackpushoversmooth overoverhungMeaning: v. arch one's back. random good picture
1. She leaned forward, hunching over the desk.
2. He had to hunch over the steering wheel to see anything.
3. He got out his map of Yorkshire and hunched over it to read the small print.
4. He sat hunched over his breakfast.
5. Sitting hunched over a computer all day can cause problems.
6. She hunched over the desk, telephone cradled at her neck.
7. Some extend their billed baseball caps or hunch over and have the players sign their names on the back of their shirts.
8. Roy hunches over and stares at the floor.
9. He could picture him hunched over his desk, busily writing ... for ever writing.
10. Then as if the whole world had hunched over to block out the sun, the sky becomes as black as coal.
11. Goggled officials hunched over consoles around tiers of cantilevered wrought-iron galleries, listening to data, whispering orders.
12. Across the street, half a dozen teenage boys hunch over a broken bicycle.
13. Her long skirt dragged on the ground and her tangled hair fell around Janir as she hunched over him.
14. Lori hunched over to keep the wind out of her face.
15. Dwarfing his bicycle, he hunched over the handlebars, his duffel coat in constant danger of tangling with the spokes.
16. The way they walk around hunched over.
17. The room is quiet, as every child sits hunched over a piece of writing.
18. He was hunched over the car.
19. Although 70 years old and permanently hunched over from osteoporosis, she was still a compact bundle of energy.
20. Even in a bulky warm-up suit, sitting hunched over the handlebars, she looks skinny.
20. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
21. Certain candidates hunch over, glance furtively around the room or wring their sweaty palms.
22. Dertain candidates hunch over, glance furtively around the room or wring their sweaty palms.
23. First, it forces you to hunch over, an inefficient running form that can lead to neck, shoulder, and back pain.
24. Certain candidates hunch over, glance furtively around the room or wring their sweaty palms. re being asked a question they can says Mr.
25. Ensure that you don't hunch over when you walk.
26. Your body should be straight up in the water; don't lean forward much or hunch over. Keep your shoulders back and look straight ahead.
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