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Humpback in a sentence

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Sentence count:39Posted:2017-10-12Updated:2017-10-17
Similar words: jump bailkeep backdrop backback-to-backback to backbackpackingbackpackerhumpMeaning: n. 1. an abnormal backward curve to the vertebral column 2. a person whose back is hunched because of abnormal curvature of the upper spine 3. large whalebone whale with long flippers noted for arching or humping its back as it dives. random good picture
1. Roads with unexpected humpback bridges, tightening-radius corners and reasonably free of police and radar traps.
2. Humpback whales come to the California coast to feed each summer.
3. The numbers of humpback and fin whales had undergone similar increases.
4. A little way along the lane is a humpback bridge that crosses a stream.
5. Humpback whales have even been seen to weave a snare of air-bubbles - a bubble net.
6. The humpback whales make otherworldly sounds.
7. This pure white humpback whale in the Australian east coast waters is estimated that only 10-15, there is only one-thousandth chance.
8. Ripples on the leading edge of humpback fins help the whales slice through water with grace and dexterity.
9. Japanese whale hunters plan to capture fifty humpback whales in the Antarctic in the coming months.
10. Among songbirds and humpback whales, competing males seem to imitate each other's songs.
11. It's bigger by far than a humpback whale's hump!
12. Two wayward humpback whales have done an about - face and are headed back toward the Pacific Ocean.
13. Baleen whales, including the humpback whales and blue whales, are toothless and instead use hairlike structures called baleen to filter tiny prey such as krill from seawater.
14. She had one eye and a humpback.
15. When you swim with humpback whales it's not their size that overwhelms you but their beauty.
16. Forty tons of gleaming muscle, a humpback whale blasts out of the water near South Africa.
17. I heard about seeing a humpback whale fountaining but couldn't lift up my head.
18. Other baleen whales are the blue, fin, gray, humpback, and sei whales and the rorqual.
19. And this is the tail of the humpback whale.
20. Australian media say a lost humpback whale calf has bonded with a yacht it seems to think is its mother.
21. Ken Bradshaw and I were singing songs to one another like a pair of humpback whales.
22. This year , they also plan to kill 50 threatened humpback whales and 50 endangered fin whales.
23. So animals like wolves, grizzly bears, bald eagles, millions of wild salmon, humpback whales, steller sea lions thrive here again as they have for, for thousands of years.
24. This is the tale of tiny snail and a great big, grey - blue humpback whale.
25. Its calls do not match those of any known species, although they are clearly those of a baleen whale, a group that includes blue, fin and humpback whales.
26. Physical disabilities can be seen, so the disabled, such as the blinder, the humpback, the people of poliomyelitis, and the people of limbless , were felt miserable.
26. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
27. Physical disability can be seen, so the disabled, such as the blinder, the humpback, the people of poliomyelitis, and the people of limbless , were felt miserable.
28. As the killer whales moved in, the plucky pinniped leapt on to the vast ribbed belly of a humpback, and nestled in the animal's armpit.
29. I mean, if you've ever heard the eerie song of the humpback whale [whale song], you know that it don't sound like no spring peeper [frog sound].
30. I mean, if you've ever heard the eerie song of the humpback whale , you know that it don't sound like those spring peeper .
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