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Hudson in a sentence

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Sentence count:143Posted:2018-11-08Updated:2018-11-08
Similar words: hudson bayhudson riverhenry hudsonhudson river schoolhands-onodds-ongodsongrandsonMeaning: n. 1. a New York river; flows southward into New York Bay; explored by Henry Hudson early in the 17th century 2. English naturalist (born in Argentina) (1841-1922) 3. English navigator who discovered the Hudson River; in 1610 he attempted to winter in Hudson Bay but his crew mutinied and set him adrift to die (1565-1611). 
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1. I'll have Hudson show you to your room.
2. The fans have taken Hudson to their hearts.
3. Emily wanted to join in but with Hudson alongside she was too shy.
4. The big news, though, was that Richard and Hudson had moved into their new flat.
5. I can see why Mrs Hudson is a little upset at 137 being used as a doorstop.
6. Hudson now is on work release six days a week from the jail.
7. Hudson, the beautiful; handsome Hudson with the long list of girl-friends was tentative, gentle and unhurried.
8. Farther west is the Hudson River, creating the illusion that ocean liners occasionally sail down the street.
9. Emily sat in her coat while Hudson lit the fire.
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10. Westward the Hudson came between Sammler and the great Spry industries of New Jersey.
11. Bid Mrs Hudson to have a hansom flagged down and waiting for us.
12. And besides, Hudson was just too attractive to be seriously contemplated.
13. Cowher said later he momentarily contemplated tackling Hudson, but thought better of it.
14. Gimmelmann smiled, casting shy glances towards Hudson who was looking over Richard's shoulder.
15. The complex also boasted a dock on the Hudson River.
16. Hudson was run out by Simmons from backward point, then Kirsten, the last experienced batsman, went to Cummins.
17. And Thomas Hudson, born as poor as herself and just as upward mobile, was gentility personified, sensibility made flesh.
18. Hudson became a recluse after her husband's death.
19. Streetsmart in Jersey City, many have never set foot in the big town across the Hudson.
20. Maybe you gave up, stopped for a cup of coffee on Hudson Street, and got lucky when I turned up.
21. I made a second fateful decision when a couple of drunken tourists beat me to a cab on Hudson Street.
22. The first lucky winner is David Pitchforth for his Hudson Hawk maps.
23. Through lawsuits and protests, toxic landfills and dumps near the Hudson River were closed.
24. Lew said it was worth the chance and we met at the Hudson train station.
25. He would never be sure, but for a split second he fancied he saw Hudson watching him, lonely and lost.
26. So are five former high-school students or others whom Hudson admitted sexually abusing or trying to abuse when he was a coach.
27. Mr Campbell is thought to have been chosen in preference to Charlotte Hudson, the chief reporter on Watchdog.
28. Degaying began in 1985 amid the flurry of publicity surrounding the illness and death of actor Rock Hudson.
29. Johnson also is trying to lure Dallas offensive line coach Hudson Houck to join him with the Dolphins.
30. Hot magma bubbled up through the older parts of Laurentia west of Hudson Bay, signaling the start of continental rifting.
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