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Housefly in a sentence

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Sentence count:33Posted:2017-11-09Updated:2017-11-09
Similar words: horseflytsetse flygoosefleshfireflychieflybrieflyon the flybriefly speakingMeaning: n. common fly that frequents human habitations and spreads many diseases. 
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1. Alice Foley, growing up in Bolton during the 1890s, remembered the plague of houseflies emanating from the privies in summer.
2. Even as I listened to him, mosquitoes, fat as houseflies, feasted on my legs.
3. Housefly(Musca domestica)is an important reproducible insect resource.
3. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day!
4. Yuck! There's a housefly crawling along the wall!
5. In this paper, we took the housefly as the experimental animal model to study the effect of Lentinan on SOD activity and lipofuscin content in housefly brain, and on the housefly lifespan.
6. Photoperiod produces little influence on the diapause of housefly larvae.
7. Players control Darwin, the G-Force team leader, and housefly surveillance commando Mooch .
8. Objective : To study the effect of housefly larval secretion on the development of Ascaris suum eggs.
9. Housefly Sam: What do you mean?
10. An optimist is a fellow who believes housefly is looking for a way to get out.
11. The housefly larvae ( Musca domestica ) were used to assimilate the energy and substance pig manure in this research.
12. The housefly is an insect which undergoes complete metamorphosis.
13. Housefly larvae and surplus manure were weighted after one week of the treatment manure,[] and change of the number of colibacillary colony was observed.
14. Does the housefly undergo complete metamorphosis or incomplete metamorphosis?
15. Thousands of individuals, each not quite as big as a housefly make up the swarm.
16. Cluster flies are bristly gray insects, about five times bigger than the ordinary housefly, Musca domestica.
17. Furthermore, the peak in the M1 stage had an obvious antedisplacement. Conclusion The antimicrobial peptide isolated from housefly larvae could kill T. gondii by inhibiting the synthesis of DNA.
18. Methods Dip way for mosquito and topicd application for housefly.
19. Objective To study the immunological and antibacterial activity of hemolymph from housefly larva.
20. The adult Medfly is slightly smaller than a common housefly and is very colorful.
21. Their killing effect is slightly lower, while the knockdown effect against housefly is even better.
22. The induction of metallothionein (MT) was studied in the housefly larvae ( Musca domestica).
23. Objective To explore the effects of temperature and photoperiod on diapause of housefly larvae.
24. The first on the scene, within minutes of death, is the common housefly.
25. "You may wish to consider the differing views held by Communist gerbils vs. Monarchist gerbils, " or "Can there be such a thing as 'the housefly garment industry' or is it just a home-based craft?
26. Deltamethrin was found to affect ATPase activity and protein phosphorylation of housefly brain synaptosome in vitro.
27. So just lay off bad mouthing those nuclear power plants; they are as harmless and as safe as a housefly.
28. Methods Observing the survival rate and filial generation nervure variation of housefly which treated with ozone.
29. This paper summarize briefly the recent progress in syntheses of Z—9—tricosene( muscalure ), the sex pheromone of the housefly.
30. HBV gene was examined in the genome of DNAs from larvae of housefly by PCR.
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