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Horsepower in a sentence

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Synonym: H.P.HPSimilar words: horseplayMore power to your elbowpowerempowerpowerfulsuperpowerpower toolmanpowerMeaning: n. a unit of power equal to 746 watts. random good picture
1. We need a motor of one horsepower.
2. The engine puts out thirty horsepower.
3. I'll need a bit more horsepower to get up this hill!
4. Other approaches include limiting vehicle horsepower, placing warning signs to mark hazards and enforcing speed limits.
5. It had a 700 horsepower V8 that was fuelled on a mixture of alcohol and nitro-methane.
6. Rather, automatic horsepower was, itself, the first phase of the knowledge revolution.
7. The T53-L-l l gas-turbine engine develops eleven hundred horsepower yet weighs only five hundred pounds.
8. Pawlowski knows a little something about horsepower.
9. This motor turns up 100 horsepower.
10. And the three hundred horsepower presumably needed to cook and dry the pulp?
11. Each boat would then be licensed by horsepower for a set number of days at sea based on a three-year track record.
12. The 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine generates 138 horsepower.
13. And the horsepower of surface motor is ascertained through anticipating the operating power of motor shaft according to the power of lifting liquid and rotational speed of PCP.
14. Its proven design increases horsepower while lowering fuel costs , and is backed with a 30-day money back guarantee AND a lifetime guarantee.
15. Powered with a strong 1/4 horsepower motor, the HT Homogenizer has been successfully used to homogenize tough samples such as corn, rice, soybean, and Arabidopsis callus.
16. Power plant is a four - cylinder, 75 horsepower air-cooled engine.
17. Based the brake horsepower characteristics of low specific speed centrifugal pump and the required features of pumps used for agriculture, the concept of non - overload centrifugal pumps is conceived.
18. The worshiper thinks that the worst is the insufficient horsepower.
19. In 1865 Prussia possessed 15,000 steam engines with 800,000 horsepower.
20. The engine depends heavily upon turbocharging and on five valves per cylinder for its 150 horsepower.
21. Often makers try pulling a fast one by giving a tractor a number that's bigger than its actual horsepower.
22. Otto built a special racing engine in 1901 that weighed a thousand pounds and produced forty horsepower.
23. The engine of the big mechanical monster was ticking over with the deep throb of impatient,( reined-in horsepower.
24. His belting experiments, too, focused on costs more than on horsepower or coefficients of friction.
25. And because the body is made from light carbon fibre, the result is a staggering 380 brake horsepower per ton.
26. Boost is engine manifold pressure, a key ingredient in the maintenance of horsepower and ultimately, miles per hour.
27. Main shaft revolution may be changed in order to maintain the above brake horsepower.
28. Simple cycle gas turbines are typically used for shaft horsepower applications without recovery of exhaust heat.
29. As such the Forte LPI Hybrid uses a 1.6 L liquefied petroleum gas engine, producing 114 horsepower.
30. That's what I call the Microsoft approach, throwing lots of horsepower at a problem like they did with the Pentium chip.
More similar words: horseplayMore power to your elbowpowerempowerpowerfulsuperpowerpower toolmanpowerpower cutveto powerpower trippowerhouseempoweredpower gridpowerlesswind poweroverpowerwillpowersolar powerpower outagepowerfullyworld powerbrainpowerpower supplyhorseempowermentpower brokerearning powerpower stationpower failure
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