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Hormonal in a sentence

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Sentence count:108Posted:2017-06-10Updated:2017-06-10
Similar words: hormonegrowth hormonevalue for moneycommonalityinternational monetary fundstorm outenormoussermonMeaning: [hɔr'məʊnl /hɔː'm-] adj. of or relating to or caused by hormones. 
1. Postnatal depression is usually due to hormonal imbalance.
2. Late miscarriages are usually not due to hormonal insufficiency.
3. Gold completely reversed her position on a hormonal link.
4. An underlying hormonal element has long been suspected in many cases of malignant melanoma.
5. They are subject to regulation by many neural, hormonal, and paracrine factors, acting via intracellular mediators.
6. Yet this objection is easily answered once the hormonal theory is taken into account.
7. The hormonal tensions had flowed out of Lexandro, earthed through his power sword into the bodies.
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8. The secretion of these hormonal peptides, particularly from the colon, is therefore likely to entail other mechanisms.
9. Gastrointestinal epithelial cell proliferation is influenced by many hormonal, paracrine, and intraluminal agents.
10. The underlying assumption is that gradual hormonal decline is bad because some physical functions decline at the same time.
11. This is the time at which hormonal changes halt the production of ova and end the menstrual cycle.
12. The female hormonal cycle is finely synchronized with the circulatory system and lymphatic drainage in particular.
13. Last year. following hormonal stimulation, doctors removed four eggs from her ovaries.
14. This test was also used to compare total hormonal responses to human and porcine insulin in the clamp studies.
15. This social and hormonal dilemma of young men was illuminated by a series of experiments with Rhesus monkeys in Atlanta.
16. The greatest difference had been made by the hormonal drug tamoxifen, which was developed in Britain.
17. He experienced hormonal surges - an equation of wordless emotions.
18. Mitchell visualized a hormonal flow chart that resembled a metropolitan subway system, all lines headed for the downtown station.
19. Many other sports, with a greater stress on grace and timing, require much less physical or hormonal deformation.
20. But for me the agent for personality change is not hormonal.
21. It is possible that these symptoms are due to hormonal upsets, caused by anti-bodies affecting the ovaries.
22. This seemed strange because the very word premenstrual naturally implies hormonal changes.
23. It operates through the agencies of the different control systems such as the autonomic nervous system, hormonal system, immune system etc.
24. And she nails the adolescent angst of budding love in all its raging hormonal hoo-ha.
25. This is hardly surprising given that pregnancy causes the biggest hormonal upheaval your body has experienced since puberty.
26. Also an enlargement of the pituitary gland is clearly correlated with large size, almost as if some kind of hormonal imbalance occurred.
27. These differences were always in the same direction - more pronounced hormonal responses and more reporting of symptoms with porcine insulin.
28. Typically a woman experiences either postpartum blues, caused by hormonal changes, or postpartum depression, caused by a chemical imbalance.
29. Women are at highest risk for severe depression after having a child, and not only because of hormonal changes.
30. But cruel Freudian aversion therapy proved incapable of changing it, and the fashion then changed to hormonal explanations.
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