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Homogeneously in a sentence

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Similar words: homogeneoushomogeneous grouphomogeneityhomogenousheterogeneoushomogenyheterogeneousnessheterogeneous groupMeaning: adv. all similarly. 
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1. The immunoreactivity for each enzyme seemed to be homogeneously distributed throughout each tumour.
2. Reinforcements distributed homogeneously in matrix after hot - extrusion.
3. Radiologically, the disease is characterized by homogeneously enhancing pituitary mass with infundibular thickening.
4. The velocity and source function of homogeneously elastic media are inversed jointly by adopting Hybrid GA.
5. The students at this college are homogeneously middle - class.
6. The tape adhesion must be distributed homogeneously without bubble, pore, adhesion, lami-nation, foreigh matter, crack of mica paper, reeling out of glass cloth, loosening of tape coiling, etc.
7. SEM and TEM results showed that CNTs dispersed homogeneously in the compound powder and combined firmly with superfine Cu.
8. Homogeneously mixing treated clay materials in rew clay processing at a brick and roofing tile plant.
9. It can be as request , salt spray homogeneously, Salt spray deposition can be adjusted at random.
10. Neurofibromas are well defined and may appear homogeneously hypoechoic to hyperechoic, with posterior enhancement.
11. The Ni catalysts were obtained in situ during the reaction from the oxides as the precursors in which nickel species were homogeneously incorporated in the perovskite structure.
12. Sodium alginate and fucoidin were further purified, the purity of which was demonstrated homogeneously by chromatography on a sephadex G-75 column and acetate cellulose membrane electrophoresis .
13. Generally speaking, you should spray from 20cm away that the scope of the spray is big and homogeneous. If you can't spray homogeneously , the perfume will be volatilized and wasted.
14. Experimental results are presented that demonstrate instibilities in a cw homogeneously broadened ring dye laser.
15. The amplification of highly chirped pulse with broadband in in homogeneously broadening amplifier is investigated.
16. The results of FT-IR and SEM showed that nano-silica and polylactide are connected with covalent bonds,[ ] and inorganic phases are dispersed in polylactide homogeneously.
17. The results show that MPc does not affect the component and structure of silica xerogel matrix and the matrix prove to be homogeneously non-crystal structure.
18. When reactive nodes have extensive fatty changes, the hilus is enhanced, whereas the cortex remains homogeneously avascular.
19. The roll pass design in CRF determines whether the band steel is bended homogeneously with no defect.
20. To this point, the only assumption we have made about the universe is that its matter is distributed homogeneously and isotropically on large scales.
21. The dislocation density of an epitaxial layer is reduced and is distributed homogeneously, and the usability of the thick-film is greatly improved.
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