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Home directory in a sentence

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(1) The home directory owners cannot writable another home user directories.
(2) User gretchen's home directory has neither read nor execute permission for the gretchen group or other users, so user ian cannot access it.
(3) The command searches your entire home directory (find /home/joe) to find all regular files (-type f) with the suffix .txt, and then runs the grep command to search for the string Monthly Report.
(4) HOMEPATH : Lists the full path of home directory.
(5) Where and are replaced with the appropriate user home directory path and user name, respectively.
(6) Create a .mpd.conf file in the user's home directory that stores the password information before starting the daemons.
(7) The home directory of this user is the root of the anonymous FTP area.
(8) By default, the Oracle home directory is a subdirectory of the Oracle base directory.
(9) Home directory IIS perms: Enable Read and Log.
(10) A dot file is usually found in your home directory, but some utilities look for a dot file in the present working directory(Sentencedict), too.
(11) Make sure the username also corresponds to the home directory.
(12) HOMEDRIVE : Lists the drive letter is connected to the user's home directory.
(13) HOMESHARE : Lists the network path to the user's shared home directory.
(14) You can also use tilde to list or work with files in another user's home directory (if your permissions allow it).
(15) If you want to display line numbers every time you enter a vi session, add the line set number to the .exrc file in your home directory.
(16) You can do this by creating or editing a property list file within the user's home directory.
(17) Use the Details... button to view or change details such as user number, home directory, and so on.
(18) For example, if you had a copy of your hello program in your home directory, you could run it using the command ./hello.
(19) If you want to ignore case sensitivity on searches every time you enter a vi session, you can add the line set ignorecase to the .exrc file in your home directory.
(20) You can see below that quotas have been enabled on the users home directory file system with a soft limit of 200,000KB and a hard limit of 400,000KB.
(21) Many non-registry implementations store API data in an XML-formatted file, either in the user's home directory or in a shared directory.
(22) It's a good thing to have a source directory just beneath your home directory, and by convention, this directory is typically called src.
(23) Each user in the UNIX password file has a home directory assigned.
(24) This name makes an effective root directory to work off of, so go to your home directory and issue a mkdir mydroid command.
(25) The next time you create a regular user, check that person's home directory.
(26) ini files in a location of your choice, such as your broker service user home directory.
(27) Bash keeps a record of what the user has typed exactly and writes it to a hidden file called .bash_history within the user's home directory.
(28) Change the username, user ID, group ID, user comment, and home directory for the new user.
(29) For each computer, groucho, chico, and harpo, the script runs the rsync command, replacing $HOME with your home directory (for example, /home/joe) and $machine with a computer name.
(30) HOMEPATH : Lists the full path of the user's home directory.
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