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Historical document in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2018-08-21Updated:2018-08-21
Similar words: legal documentwell documentedhistorical datadocumentdocumentaldocumenteddocumentarydocumentingMeaning: n. writing having historical value (as opposed to fiction or myth etc.). 
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1 Many important historical documents were destroyed when the library was bombed.
2 Irrespective of their original function, these historical documents now provide us with many fascinating insights into the way we were.
3 In approaching any historical document there should be a progression from lower order to higher order thinking.
4 However,[] historical documents are not always true records of the past.
5 It's an important historical document.
6 The secret dialogue was not recorded in any historical document.
7 Methods Synthetic analysis of historical document and achievement in archaeological investigations.
8 The book is the first china's historical document about taking part in the Olympic Games and has important meaning as mile-stone.
9 Based on historical document records in south Loess Plateau, we analyzed the fluctuation characteristics of climatic change in temperature of Tang dynasty.
10 Rice insisted it was merely a "historical document", but the paper was entitled "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US".
11 Luke and Acts looks like a historical document and this is what fools people.
12 But then, the Manifesto has become a historical document which we have no longer any right to alter.
13 Historical Document Primary occupations on the island included farming, fur trading, and lumbering.
14 As a distinguished achievement historical document of the Tang Dynasty.
15 Such mistakes are easily made; the point is that one should not treat any historical document as gospel.
16 The Gospels, as we have said before, are unreliable as historical documents.
17 What really adds depth to this documentary, though, is its status as a poignant historical document.
18 His Protestant heirs continue to view the New Testament as a seriously flawed historical document.
19 Not only was Moran condemned for breaching medical ethics, but inaccuracies led to questions about the diaries' value as a historical document.
20 One day, your journal could be a very interesting historical document –for you, for your family, and potentially for a wider audience.
21 By the lifelike descriptions of nature, Hardy records the history during the Victorian age more truly than any historical document does.
22 Now chemists have developed a technique that identifies what kind of degradation process an old book or historical document is going through, based on the odors it gives off.
23 But, as the local museum argues, his portrait is a historical document from an age with different values.
24 I use the historical method as the way to introduce you to this material simply because it's an easy way to introduce modern students to a historical document as we approach it that way.
25 Xiang Jun and Xiang Fu Ren were about two anti-Qin army deeds in this historical document.
26 Much of the time, children collaborate with each other or share individual responses about an artifact, a story, a historical document, or a shared experience.
27 This thesis analyses and discusses the DongHu nationality by the historical document.
28 But as to the time of writing of the Preface to Hunan Peasant Revolution, we are confronted with different versions of record, which blemishes this valuable revolutionary historical document.
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