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Hilus in a sentence

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Sentence count:19Posted:2019-03-12Updated:2019-03-12
Similar words: pilushilumnautilusfilumboil updilutenail upfailureMeaning: n. (anatomy) a depression or fissure where vessels or nerves or ducts enter a bodily organ. 
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1. Hilus neuron lost in HS groups only.
2. The shape of renal hilus is rhombus and irregularfrequently. (4)The renal pelvis appears in shape of ampulla in most of the cases. (5)The shape ofthe kidney does not correlate with age and sex.
3. When reactive nodes have extensive fatty changes, the hilus is enhanced, whereas the cortex remains homogeneously avascular.
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4. There were 2 cases operated on using dissection secondary branches of splenic pedicle and 12 using the snare to deal with the splenic hilus.
5. Objective To study the X ray findings of right hilus pulmonis in normal adults.
6. About one to third of the lymphomatous lymph nodes' sonograms were similar to reactive hypertrophic Ones, but the hilus of this kind were displaced and thin, which were special to differentiate.
7. The ALD was the average CT value of the 3 zones of lung (including apical, hilus and diaphragm).
8. This is an analysis of 42 clinical cases of using "opening of the kidney through the bloodless regions of renal pelvis and the hilus in the renal sinus" technique to extract complex kidney stones.
9. Type C was intensified in whole nodal parenchyma and it was difficult to differentiated node with the echogenic hilus.
10. Design: In 122 consecutive patients with chronic HCV infection, the HVF pattern and presence of FHA within the liver hilus were assessed by Duplex-Doppler and B-mode sonography.
11. This is proposed to be a replacement changes for the NPY neuron loss in the hilus of dentate gyrus after seizures.
12. A large number of cells surrounding the CA3 region were migrating to hilus of the dentate gyrus.
13. These fibres were distributed more densely in the hippocampal hilus and CA3 transparent layers than in molecular layers, but sparsely in pyramidal or granular layers.
14. Objective To evaluate the procedure of surgical treatment of intrahepatic biliary calculi with blood vessel variation in hepatic hilus.
15. Conclusion:Lienorenal and gastrolienal ligaments were important anatomic basis in the formation of the splenic or splenic hilus pancreatic pseudocysts.
16. With CEUS using SonoVue, enhancement of capsular vessels is seen at 10-15 s, followed by the appearance of internal aberrant and usually tortuous blood vessels, whereas the hilus is undetectable.
17. Bactria food poisoning:The mold, halococci and deformities rod, and staphylococcus aureus...etc. in sand hilus cause.
18. During the latent and chronic phases, the metabolic level in the hilus of adult and PN21 epileptic rats was normal although neuronal loss reached 60–75%.
19. Results:There were differences in lesion shape, density, boundary, change around the lesion and mediastinum hilus of lung between atypical tuberculosis and lung cancer.
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