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Herniation in a sentence

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Similar words: herniatehiatal herniaherniated discmodernisationmodernizationwesternizationfraternizationminiaturisationMeaning: n. rupture in smooth muscle tissue through which a bodily structure protrudes. 
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1) Herniation of abdominal viscera into the thorax following traumatic diaphragmatic rupture can simulate acute tension pneumothorax.
2) Herniation of orbital fat, the inferior rectus muscle, and the inferior oblique muscle may occur and herniated extraocular muscles entrapped between the fragmented bone segments may lead to diplopia.
3) Some causes of the syndrome include residual disk herniation, post-operative scar tissue, pressure on a spinal nerve, altered joint mobility and muscular deconditioning.
4) Voiding cystourethrography demonstrated a dog - ear bladder herniation into the right scrotum.
5) There happened no complications such as cerebral herniation, subcutaneous fluid accumulation, cerebral-spinal fluid leak, wound infection and the temporalis muscle ptosis.
6) Sudden onset of CSF otorrhea owing to brain herniation into the middle ear cavity via a tegmen defect presenting many years following head trauma is rare.
7) This study reports 2 cases of inguinoscrotal bladder herniation.
8) This occurs in middle-aged and elderly individuals, but soft disk herniation also may occur in young adults.
9) Objective : To evaluate CT and CT myelography ( CTM ) in diagnosis of lumbar disc herniation.
10) Histologically, the mass lesion was diagnosed as a dorsally sequestered disc herniation.
11) Objective To investigate the therapeutic effect of ultrashort wave diathermy on neuropathic pain through a experimental model simulating lumbar disc herniation in rabbit.
12) Conclusion: Both the asymmetry between right and left psoas muscles and the amyotrophy or attenuation of the psoas muscle are probably the anatomical factors which lead to lumbar disc herniation.
13) Methods: From 1990 to 1997, SLR in 505 patients with lumbar disc herniation ( LDH ) were analyzed by multiple regression.
14) Discussing the associated relations among the signal intensities of lumbar disc on T2-weighted MRI, age,[] intervertebral space and disc herniation.
15) Objective To evaluate the therapeutic effect of traction plus microwave diathermy on patient with lumbar intervertebral disc herniation and compare that treated with traction alone.
16) Objective To summarize and discuss the therapy of patients with tentorial herniation due to post-traumatic acute diffuse brain swelling around operations to improve the therapeutic efficacy.
17) Objective:To find out the approach for treating severe craniocerebral trauma patients complicated with incarcerated tentorial herniation.
18) Objective To compare the efficacy and security of citalopram and clomipramine in the treatment of depression, anxiety in cervical disc herniation patients.
19) Conclusions. Infliximab did not appear to interfere with disc herniation resorption oer a 6-month period.
20) Objective To evaluate the clinical value of prosthetic disc nucleus (PDN-solo) replacement for lumbar disc herniation by comparing it with traditional solely discectomy.
21) AIM:To probe into the related factors that influenced the effect of epidural injection of collagenase in patients with lumbar disc herniation under the observation of X ray.
22) Study Design. A prospective study of patients undergoing lumbar disc herniation surgery.
23) Objective To discuss the clinical diagnosis and surgery of lumbar disc herniation with strictured nerve root canal.
24) Laryngocele is an uncommon disease defined as an abnormal dilatation or herniation of the laryngeal saccule, forming an air-filled cavity.
25) To explore the effect of cerebelli hiatus incision of severe brain injury complicated from tentorial herniation.
26) Objective:To discuss the cause and treatment of lumbar intervertebral disc herniation inducing leg unsymmetry radicular pain.
27) Objective To investigate the methods and effect of micro endoscopic discectomy(MED) in the treatment of lumbar lateral disc herniation combined with narrow lateral recess.
28) Objective:To evaluate the efficacy of the MRI in the diagnosis and treatment of the patient with multiple level lumbar disci herniation.
29) The best indication of MED is lumbar lateral disc herniation or with narrow lateral recess.
30) Materials and Methods PCD and CNL were performed in 66 patients with cervical disk herniation.
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