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Hepatic portal vein in a sentence

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Sentence count:18Posted:2019-02-10Updated:2019-02-10
Similar words: portal veinhepatichepatic ductextrahepaticrenal veinumbilical veinportalhepatitisMeaning: n. a short vein that carries blood into the liver. 
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1. Conclusion The human hepatic portal vein system possibly is close related with the Chong Vessel.
2. OBJECTIVE: To explore three-dimensional reconstruction of hepatic portal vein by laminagraphy of cast specimens to provide anatomic basis for hepatectomy.
3. Objective To investigate the changes of hepatic portal vein blood flow(PBF) and oxygen metabolism during normothermic or hypothermic cardiopulmonary bypass(CPB).
4. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Occurrence of branches of hepatic portal vein; clearness and satiation of the vessel wall.
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5. Methods: The diameter and the velocity of hepatic portal vein ( PV ) were measured with color Doppler flow imaging.
6. During fasting, the blood in hepatic portal vein only contains small amount of glucose (NOT: without glucose), because there is no absorption of digested food in the ileum.
7. Therefore hepatic vein has higher blood glucose level than that of hepatic portal vein.
8. Objective To measure the data of the left stem and the right stem of hepatic portal vein after entering into liver and supply morphological data for interventional therapy for hepatopathy.
9. A conclusion could be drawn that NCE-MRA is a non-invasive and effective method that provides a comprehensive assessment of the hepatic portal vein.
10. For example: scan time, scan speed, 3D image composition. Therefore, when we perform CTA, it is accurately distinguish between hepatic artery and hepatic portal vein by use the Hounsfied Unit scan.
11. The concentration time curve of OLANa 2 in rats fitted in a one compartment open model with first order absorption after oral administration and hepatic portal vein injection.
12. Methods: Serum NO, transverse diameter and blow flow of hepatic portal vein were detected in 35 cirrhotics and 25 normal controls by colorimetric and Color Dopper respectively.
13. Objective:To study the relationship between hepatic encephalopathy and blood flow direction of intra hepatic portal vein after transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic stent shunt (TIPSS).
14. Objective To study the cellular nuclear density difference of the hepatic portal vein between the human and pig and provide evidence for pig- to-human liver xenotransplantation.
15. Moreover the concentration of blood glucose was negatively correlative to the difference of the blood insulin concentrations between hepatic portal vein and hepatic vein.
16. Results: The new classification of Chinese hepatic segments: the liver was divided into left and right hemiliver by the median fissure when the trunk of the right hepatic portal vein was present.
17. The concentration-time curves of icariin in rats fited one-compartment open model with first-order absorption after oral administration and hepatic portal vein injection, respectively.
18. All patients were treated for six months and investigated the changes of liver function, HBV-M, HBV DNA and the diameter of hepatic portal vein, spleen vein and spleen width.
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