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Hemostatic in a sentence

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Sentence count:42Posted:2018-04-05Updated:2018-05-26
Similar words: hemostathemostasisat the mostprostaticaerostatichomeostaticorthostatichydrostaticMeaning: adj. tending to check bleeding by contracting the tissues or blood vessels. 
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1 In addition Spinach contains vitamin Hemostatic effect of leaf lettuce is the highest.
2 Objective : To study hemostatic action of Ar + laser to haemorrhagia of gastrointestinal tract mucous membrane.
3 Objective To observe and compare the hemostatic effect of deamino-8-D-arginin vasopressin (DDAVP, desmopressin) and hemocoagulase in scoliosis surgery.
4 Have scattered stasis detumescence, Detoxification, Hemostatic effect.
5 Objective To observe the hemostatic effect by compound Chinese medicine calf after tonsillectomy.
6 OBJECTIVE : To study the hemostatic, antipruritic , and anti - crissal ulcer effects of Zhishuxi lotion.
7 The skin got hurt, hemostatic hind can have a few " scabby " , very ugly, do then I want rip off it? (won't bleed of course.
8 Objective:To study the changes of hemostatic molecular markers inacute monoblastic leukemia (AML-M5) for elucidate the mechanism of hemorrhage and its clinical significance.
9 Objective To investigate the hemostatic effects of iodoform mixture bandage ( IMB ) on liver trauma.
10 Objective : To study the hemostatic mechanism of ShiBiZhi capsules.
11 Objective : To evaluate the hemostatic efficacy and safety of a human thrombin in tonsillectomy.
12 Hemostatic,[] vitamins are null and void and can not simply Xiya radical.
13 Objective : To observe the hemostatic effect on drug abortion treated by Gongxuening.
14 Objective: To evaluate hemostatic effects and safety of the soluble styptic gauze made by hydroxyethyl cellulose.
15 Conclusions Pituitrin and nitroglycerin could improve the hemostatic rate and decrease side effects. They are effective on hemoptysis caused by pulmonary tuberculosis.
16 OBJECTIVE:To conduct a comparative evaluation on the hemostatic efficacy of Hemopexin for postpartum hemorrhage.
17 Prohibit the use of hemostatic clamp holding any normal tissues.
18 Technology status evaluation report hemostatic devices . May 2001.
19 Anti - inflammatory hemostatic spinach: Spinach high nutritional value, which contains carotene and ascorbic acid than other vegetables.
20 After transfusion and infusion with hemostatic agent the condition was improved.
21 Downstream products including Hemostatic sponges, wound dressings, medical skim medical absorbent cotton, gauze, gauze bandages, elastic bandages, plaster bandage, band, etc.
22 METHOD Extraction was conducted according to different dissolvent heteropolarity and different chemical components and screening conducted with hemostatic time in mice as the index.
23 A biodegradable silica-based xerogel with nano-scale mesopores was synthesized by using improved sol-gel process, and its hemostatic properties were investigated.
24 Prostate element constituent is unusual, hemal easily outspread, plaque is hemostatic the function is abate, haemorrhage is measured namely grow in quantity.
25 Conclusion Use of the pisciform sandbag for compression hemostasia after interventional operations achieve better hemostatic effect and effectively control local complications.
26 Prostate element is compound of a group of fatty acid, it is adjusting the hemostatic function of hemal systole and dilate and plaque.
27 Conclusion: This method can be used to establish the quality control of chitosan hemostatic sponge.
28 Objective : To establish the method for determination of ciprofloxacin in antibiotic soluble hemostatic gauze.
29 Objective : To test the type of collagen sponge and its hemostatic properties.
30 Methods The soluble collagen was extracted from bovine tendon and lyophilized to become a spongy hemostatic material. The constituents of collagen sponge were analyzed by SDS-PAGE electrophoresis.
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