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Hearer in a sentence

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Sentence count:35Posted:2018-02-13Updated:2018-05-25
Synonym: attenderauditorlistenerSimilar words: shearerheart to heartheart-to-heartheavy-heartedlearn by heartwith a heavy heartwearernearerMeaning: ['hɪrər /hɪərə] n. someone who listens attentively. 
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1. Our hearer may even reject them outright as false.
2. Without altering the relationship of speaker and hearer, the next section turns statement into accusation.
3. Rather, the hearer is intended to use the literal meaning in figuring out what the speaker actually intends to communicate.
4. It is not that the hearer has to decide which of a range of possible interpretations the speaker intended.
5. How does a hearer know if a speaker is speaking indirectly as well as directly?
6. The description is picked mainly to help the hearer recognize what or who the speaker has in mind and is referring to.
7. Thus the prophet prepares his hearer morally for exegesis.
8. For example, the hearer may be expected to access a range of contextual assumptions about the effort of running up hills.
9. This teaches the hearer a valuable lesson: dealing in symbols is safe when compared with acting on the real thing.
10. To you, O hearer of prayer, let the words of all flesh come.
11. The hearers of a maritime administrative agency include the presiding hearer, hearing officers , and hearing clerks.
12. The presiding hearer shall designate a special person to put down things abouthearing in writing.
13. To assist the presiding hearer in organizing the hearing.
14. Stay to the hearer of is an enjoy of fantasy sort.
15. In the second sub-task, the hearer follows a path of least effort to gain enough cognitive contexts.
16. Jokes establish an intimacy between the teller and the hearer.
17. The initial setting of the co-text determines the extent of the context within which the hearer will understand what is said next.
18. It is most unlikely that without the reformulation a hearer would have even understood what the first segment was about.
19. What makes it possible for the speaker to communicate this to the hearer?
20. How is it possible for a speaker to put thoughts into words and for a hearer to understand them?
20. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress every day!
21. Questions typically come from a first person speaker and are addressed to a second person hearer.
22. This is what makes the most immediate impact on the hearer and arouses his empathy.
23. For instance, the last item, was, contrasts with what the speaker thinks the hearer believes about her feelings.
24. Strictly speaking, this should be used to refer to an auditory sensation experienced by the hearer.
25. However, there is no specific set of contextual assumptions which the hearer is expected to supply.
26. The other segment conveys the new information that the speaker wishes to convey to the hearer.
27. That is, the person who uses them has his own private definition, but allows his hearer to think he means something quite different.
28. Communication of whatever sort involves not just a speaker but a hearer too.
29. Opposition was especially strong in Africa under Augustine, who for nine years had been a Hearer.
30. This paper studies the effect of saturation pressure to the heat surface of a phase - change hearer.
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