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Hade in a sentence

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1. One day they dwelt in Hades, the next in Olympus, always together.
2. They took this descent into Hades as casually as she would go down a flight of stairs.
3. But when Hades, with help from Zeus, comes for Kore, then at last Demeter resists.
4. But when Hades rapes Persephone something different happens.
5. Upon arrival, he was welcomed to Hades and the host promptly set the temperature gauge at 110 degrees.
6. Who in the name of Hades wants to play cards with his daughter?
7. Tarim's Hade thin - sand reservoir which is named margin reservoir is a double - layer , super - deep, super - thin , super - low - abundance reservoir.
8. The company hade find a purchaser for its warehouse.
9. Subjects also hade mild depression and syndrome distress.
10. Many years of production practice hade revealed some problems with the original sublevel caving system in the southern mineralized zone of Fengshan Copper Mine.
11. Let us cross over the river and sit in the hade of the trees. 
12. They rested on their oars, and Medea kneeling prayed to the hounds of Hades to come and destroy him.
13. There was a representation of the devil carrying off the wicked to Hades.
14. The enterprising walker could reach Cape Matapan and look for the cave entrance to Hades.
15. However, those who passed through the entrance gates where Hades stood might never return to the mortal world.
16. Obediently as always Psyche went forth to look for the road to Hades.
17. It was Zeus' jealous wife Hera, not the innocuous underworld custodian Hades,[Sentencedict] who made Hercules' life a nightmare.
18. Only with this in his hand would he be admitted to Hades.
19. It was this Admetus whose wife, Alcestis, Hercules rescued from Hades.
20. The sea fell to Poseidon, and the underworld to Hades.
21. The industrial progress of the country went hand in hade with its military advance.
22. Let us cross over the river and sit in the hade of the trees. American general Thoman Stonewall Jackson.
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