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Gumption in a sentence

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Sentence count:29+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-14Updated:2017-03-14
Synonym: backbonecommon sensegood sensegritgutshorse sensemother witmoxiesandsenseSimilar words: assumptionpresumptionconsumptionbumptiousexemptionredemptionargumentationoptionMeaning: ['gʌmpʃn] n. 1. sound practical judgment 2. fortitude and determination. 
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1. With his gumption he will make a success of himself.
2. Surely anyone with marketing gumption should be able to sell good books at any time of year.
3. He didn't have the gumption to keep his mouth shut.
4. She had the gumption to write directly to the company manager and persuade him to give her a job.
5. At least she had the gumption to phone me.
6. Wilson speeches often praise the gumption of illegal immigrants who take risks and endure hardships to better themselves and their families.
7. But he's got a lot of gumption for trying to do it.
8. But Hugh had seemed to have the gumption to make himself new.
9. It just takes the gumption and guts to do it.
10. I thought my Walter had a bit more gumption.
11. Russell, you've got no more gumption a bump on a log.
12. With gumption and innovation, the enterprise develops unceasingly.
13. We're not talking playing ability. We're talking gumption.
14. It takes gumption to quit a good paying job.
15. Certain will have big man gumption[], There are responsibility meanwhile have a gentle heart.
16. Fortunately you had enough gumption not to give up on yours.
17. Fang demonstrated a little more gumption only once, when Lucius Malfoy visited Hagrid's cabin. Then menacingly.
18. But only if he has the gumption to turn his half - plan into a whole one.
19. Fred Thompson lacks gumption.
20. Haven't you any gumption?
21. He's a nice enough lad, but he doesn't seem to have much gumption.
22. He suspected that deep down, she admired him for having the gumption to disagree with her.
23. She won't tell him because she hasn't got the gumption.
24. The signs had all been there if only she'd had the gumption to read them.
25. They have built a record of 23-7 this season on the strength of sheer, unadulterated talent and spurts of gumption.
26. He was amazed to experience his old verve this morning, enough to give him something more than just gumption.
27. Dick was always diffident when to staff matters and not been ableto summonthe gumption tothe table.
28. Clearing out the wilderness by the Nolachucky River took grit and gumption.
29. All in one with ordinary, especial, tradition, open, vogue , simplicity, gumption , eremitic etc, deeply understood world but who is keeping a lily-white heart.
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