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Grunt in a sentence

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Synonym: snortSimilar words: in the long runrun throughgrumpyincongruousincongruitygrudginglyrunrun offMeaning: [grʌnt] n. 1. the short low gruff noise of the kind made by hogs 2. an unskilled or low-ranking soldier or other worker 3. medium-sized tropical marine food fishes that utter grunting sounds when caught. v. issue a grunting, low, animal-like noise. random good picture
1. His only answer was a grunt.
2. He gave a non-committal grunt in reply.
3. Clive made a noise, something like a grunt.
4. These guys do the grunt work in preparing tax returns.
5. He lifted the heavy box with a grunt.
6. Chris gave a grunt and went back to sleep.
7. A low grunt issued forth from his throat.
8. Grunt Six and the other captain sat on the bench seat facing forward.
9. He gave a slight sardonic grunt, remembering how excited he had been in that railway carriage on his way to Carewscourt.
10. The grunt leader stood up for a second and then hit the dirt.
11. Big Strong men for the grunt work of the world.
12. When they played a low grunt normally given in response to eagles, the majority of the monkeys looked up.
13. All I got for my pains was a grunt that fitted well with his simian features.
14. But mostly he responded with an angry grunt.
15. She needed more than a non-committal grunt in answer to her outpourings.
16. He stood up with a grunt.
17. One grunt in the Far East read one of my papers.
18. Normally silent, but may grunt in breeding season.
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19. With a little grunt, he returned to his cooking and she regretted her abrupt refusal.
20. When he landed he gave a grunt as if the wind were knocked out of him.
21. What do you expect from a pig but a grunt
22. 'Billy, I think it's your turn to wash the dishes,' said Jane. A noncommittal grunt was his only reply.
23. She took the hands of those on either side of her, lowered her head and gave a constipated grunt.
24. He's even something of a linguist apparently he can grunt monosyllables in five languages.
25. On the tenth tee, he took one of his Whiplash swings, complete with a grunt and a double follow-through.
26. The fire-escape might be blocked by rubbish. With a resigned grunt, the black shadow moved away from the door.
27. When I were a lad, we used that sort of grunt in our toasters, for crying out loud.
28. As I worked at my translations I heard him mutter and grunt at his desk.
29. Quigley leaped into the air like a monkey that has sat on a bunsen burner and gave a sort of primal grunt.
30. Mortgage traders were the sort of fat people who grunt from the belly and throw their weight around, like sumo wrestlers.
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