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Grits in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2017-10-15Updated:2017-10-15
Similar words: gritgrittyintegritynitty-grittygrimgringripgridMeaning: [grɪt] n. coarsely ground hulled corn boiled as a breakfast dish in the southern United States. random good picture
1. Below: wild rice and grits are staple elements in Cajun cooking.
2. The grits are good too, as mild as oatmeal, but buttery, and full of body.
3. The sands [ grits ] in the cooked rice made my tooth ache.
4. This process also produces homing and corn grits.
5. Barley grits are toasted and ground ; nice for cereal or side dish.
6. CBN ( cubic boron nitride ) grits surface were processed with sensitizing solution and activating solutions.
7. He grits his teeth and turns away.
8. The primary wearing way of diamond grits are: intact, micro - fractured,[] macro - fractured and pull diamond wheel.
9. The smaller diamond grits the grinding plate, the better are the effects of surfactants.
10. The worn stages of diamond grits are: initial worn stages, normal worn stages, acutely worn stages.
11. Grits are aquintessentially American dish.
12. He grits his teeth.
13. My 11-year-old daughter Sarah does not revel in food, but one food item she does love is grits.
14. Far below ground in the anticline were the Millstone Grits and even deeper were the Carboniferous Limestones.
15. Where to get the nitty gritty on spicy cheddar grits?
16. A new special diamond drill which combines ultrasonic vibrating with grinding of diamond grits is introduced.
17. In this paper, the influence of technological parameters of simulated coupled lapping of crown wheel on the metal removal rate is investigated under several grits and single impact conditions.
18. A: Some of the best nail files are professional grade files, available in different types or grits.
19. We love her because she loves strawberry Frappuccinos and grits blanketed in Velveeta cheese.
20. Grits are dried ground hominy or corn for anyone not in the loop. You mix it with boiling water and the grits becomes a porridge.
21. Corn and corn - based feeds and foods are of concern, including cornmeal and corn grits.
22. A Bahamas breakfast – to be a Bahamian breakfast it must contain grits.
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