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Gravity wave in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2018-07-11Updated:2018-07-11
Similar words: cavity wallgravityantigravityzero gravityzero-gravitylaw of gravitytheory of gravityspecific gravityMeaning: n. (physics) a wave that is hypothesized to propagate gravity and to travel at the speed of light. 
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1. In the crossing site of the gravity wave along the low jet stream and that of forward sector of backflow, the impulsive force might be very strong, and a squall line just appeared there.
2. The gravity wave activities were investigated based on the data of 26 observation nights from WIPM sodium fluorescence lidar data-base of year 1999 to now.
3. Saturation mechanism of gravity waves in mesosphere is discussed by simulating the nonlinear upward propagation of gravity wave in mesosphere.
4. Higher-order antithetical couplets synchronization of gravity wave equation with the primary soud.
5. The results show that a downward propagating gravity wave packet can be excited by two up-going gravity wave packets owing to the nonresonant interaction.
6. At the end, the pilot study of gravity wave drag physics effect on precipitation is done through a weather case simulation analysis.
7. The results also show that both gravity wave drag and envelope orography have smaller influence on model results in the beginning of simulation, but greater in the later stage.
8. It is shown that an oncoming gravity wave interacts with localized mountain lee waves induced by topography to generate a viscous instability wave within the boundary layer.
9. On average, gravity wave activities vary seasonally and weaken with increasing latitude, and exhibit interannual variations near the Equator.
10. The well-known phase speed formulas of surface inertial gravity wave and internal shear inertial gravity wave are the special cases of this frequency equation.
11. The gravity wave dispersion can promote the propagation of the strong wind center along the LLJ, and the dispersion direction was influenced by the steering flow and the water vapor concentrated area.
12. Numerical experiments have been performed to test the sensitivity of the GRAPES to gravity wave drag parameterization.
13. The equations can be used to study both interactions of fixed-phase and random-phase gravity wave packets.
14. The distribution of typhoon precipitation presents the positive ad negative change as the gravity wave column wise under the influence of terrain.
15. The analysis method proposed can take into consideration of the effects of water surface gravity wave, water compressibility[], and radiation damping at up-stream of reservoir.
16. The occurrence and nonlinear behavior of a transverse free-surface gravity wave generated by a pneumatic wavemaker, designed to generated two-dimensional waves, is discussed.
17. Based on the present state of knowledge about the morphology of atmospheric gravity wave field, the concept of atmospheric gravity wave field is reexamined.
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18. This in turn would give LIGO scientists an extra clue as to where to search their data for a gravity wave signal.
19. The transport equation provides a basis for studying the budget and balance of gravity wave energy in the middle and upper atmosphere.
20. Effects of topography on the propagation and development of inertia gravity wave are investigated by means of WKBJ method. The equation of wave action conservation is obtained.
21. Wind - Driven Slanting Profile Wave Derived from the Unified Variational Principle of Water Gravity Wave.
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