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Gravitational force in a sentence

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Sentence count:23Posted:2017-06-06Updated:2017-06-06
Similar words: gravitationalgravitatecapital formationgravitasinvitationlevitationnavigationalproportional representationMeaning: n. (physics) the force of attraction between all masses in the universe; especially the attraction of the earth's mass for bodies near its surface. 
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1. The split rock is slow to fall, the gravitational force being lower and the angle of fall correspondingly sharper.
2. Weight is the gravitational force of attraction exerted on a body.
3. Try and work out the gravitational force between two objects in terms of a quantum graviton, however, and you quickly run into trouble—the answer to every calculation is infinity.
4. The sun uses brute gravitational force to achieve fusion reaction.
5. Earth's gravitational force or pull keeps us and everything else Earth from floating away to space.
6. He discovers suddenly, tellurian gravitational force is very large, let him besides cannot flicker flicker ground flies besides, also do not have even the friend a few.
7. The discovery of the repulsive, anti - gravitational force of dark energy is explained.
8. He would be torn apart by the difference between the gravitational force on his head and his feet.
9. If there is less than a certain amount, the gravitational force will be insufficient to stop a never-ending expansion.
10. This is only true in deep space when the gravitational force can be neglected.
11. Since all objects in this lecture hall and the earth fall with the constant acceleration, which is g we can write down that the gravitational force m would be m times this acceleration,[] g.
12. In his monumental work begun in 1666 , Newton discovered three vital facts about the gravitational force.
13. Effects of LBNP is similar to that produced by gravitational force, especially as a stress factor on the cardiovascular system as has been concerned in the area of aerospace medicine.
14. Moreover, because of their intense density, neutron stars exert strong gravitational force on their binary companion.
15. Newton's problem was to express in mathematical terms the gravitational force between different bodies.
16. Each mass subject to two forces, namely the tension of the string and the gravitational force.
17. A gibbon is better adapted than a man for life in a low gravitational force.
17. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
18. LG's DVD for example, because it is through the main bearing and the compression of the gravitational force between the magnetic disc to grip, so this problem does not exist.
19. LG's DVD for example, because it is through the main bearing and the compression of the gravitational force between the magnetic disc attached to and so this problem does not exist.
20. This is the formula for a thick vertically faulted slab with such a large throw that the downthrow side makes no contribution to the gravitational force.
21. So a lot of people objected to Newton's postulation of this gravitational force.
22. This force is made up of tire, aerodynamic and gravitational force components.
23. The paper expounds the principle and the method of measuring zenith distance for celestial positioning based on the direction of gravitational force line.
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