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Gravitational field in a sentence

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Sentence count:36Posted:2017-11-05Updated:2017-11-05
Similar words: gravitational forcegravitationalgravitational attractiongravitationlaw of gravitationcavitationgravitategravitasMeaning: n. a field of force surrounding a body of finite mass. 
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1. Here is a gravitational field device to draw down orbiting objects on to a preprogrammed landing site.
2. In a gravitational field this causes the denser air to sink and buoy up the less dense gas.
3. The gravitational field has been explored in some detail by observations of the satellites and of the paths of fly-by spacecraft.
4. The gravitational field generated in its productive phase by the legislative cycle attracted items from several diverse sources.
5. As the star shrank, the gravitational field at the surface would become stronger and the escape velocity would increase.
6. Thus, in particular, heavenly bodies moving in a gravitational field are well described by such geodesics.
6. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
7. To escape from the Moon's gravitational field, a sample must be accelerated to a velocity above 2.4 kilometres per second.
8. Thus, in a sense, the gravitational field has negative energy.
9. When the astronaut is in a uniform gravitational field he is incapable of determining his motion by any mechanical means.
10. Its oscillation depends on the strength of the gravitational field.
11. The electrostatic disturbance in gravitational field and the magnetic disturbance can produce disturbing torque, then affect the accuracy of ESG north finder.
12. The height of the transfer unit process in gravitational field is also given.
13. Its gravitational field is on a density suddenchange belt of Bouguer anomaly isopleth.
14. This paper derives in detail the gravitational field of the sun by using the Schwarzschild metric,[] and expounds the advance of the Mercury's perihelion with the general theory of relativity.
15. Objects in a gravitational field experience a slowing down of time, called time dilation.
16. In the Jupiter fly-by, the ship had used the gravitational field of the planet to increase her velocity.
17. Alternatively the capsule might be drifting in the weak gravitational field of intergalactic space.
18. However, it is not moving fast enough to totally escape the pull of the Earth's gravitational field.
19. The rate of thermal escape depends on the temperature of the exosphere and on the gravitational field.
20. In practice instruments could not survive such a journey; they would be torn apart by the increasing gravitational field gradients.
21. Let us return to our sphere of particles dropping in a gravitational field.
22. All that is left is a strong, but invisible, gravitational field.
23. Considering the background of massless neutrino, probes into the effect of the background field on the gravitational field of a global cosmic string outside the core.
24. Analyzing the datum of mobile gravimetric survey in Jiashi and its adjacent region from 2005 to 2007, studied the time and space dynamic evolution characteristics of gravitational field.
25. According to Mr Hiller, his shunter has to withstand decelerations of 5g (ie, five times the force of the Earth's gravitational field).
26. We may be able to escape the black hole's gravitational field.
27. Gravity prospecting involves the measurement of variations in the gravitational field of the earth.
28. According to phenomena observed during total solar eclipse, it can be pointed out that the velocity of gravitational field wave is equal to the velocity of light in vacuo.
29. The contradiction showed that Einstein gravitational theory can not describe the gravitational field of particles with spin.
30. We've noted that this is just like a body projected horizontally in the earth's gravitational field.
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