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Gravitational attraction in a sentence

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Similar words: gravitationalgravitational forcegravitationlaw of gravitationtourist attractionattractioneducational activitymagnetic attractionMeaning: n. (physics) the force of attraction between all masses in the universe; especially the attraction of the earth's mass for bodies near its surface. random good picture
(1) All matter exerts a gravitational attraction.
(2) Earlier experiments had compared the Earth's gravitational attraction with the centrifugal force from its own rotation.
(3) Their gravitational attraction would thus curve up the universe to infinitely small size.
(4) By collision and gravitational attraction[Sentence dictionary], the larger planetesimals swept up the smaller pieces and became the planets.
(5) Is there any evidence of gravitational attraction being modified by intervening matter.
(6) Describes the static calibration methods of accelerometer: gravitational attraction method, loading method and centrifuge method.
(7) Gravitational attraction is an equivalent expression of the force close to each other between and on the line of the two objects, coming from exchange of momentum between objects and micro-particles.
(8) If you treble the distance, the gravitational attraction gets nine times weaker.
(9) They also used, for, to determine the gravitational attraction exerted by a lamina on particles.
(10) The hard core of Newtonian physics is comprised of Newton's laws of motion plus his law of gravitational attraction.
(11) Both Earth and Moon have gravitational fields that allow bodies that would have missed them without their gravitational attraction to hit them.
(12) This hypothesis holds that giant tongues of material were torn from the preexisting Sun by the gravitational attraction ofa passing star.
(13) Stars will remain stable like this for a long time, with heat from the nuclear reactions balancing the gravitational attraction.
(14) Stars are initially formed from gas, mostly hydrogen, and contract under their own gravitational attraction.
(15) Many asteroids are weakly bound piles of rubble, held together by their own minute gravitational attraction.
(16) The craft will acquire sufficient velocity to escape the sun's gravitational attraction.
(17) But the metaphor conveys the inevitability, the inexorability, of gravitational attraction that many of us have best experienced in love.
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