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Graphitization in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2019-05-12Updated:2019-05-12
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1. The electron structure criterion of the behaviors of graphitization and spheroidization of elements are given out.
2. The graphitization degree G is increased with the increment of the time and temperature.
3. The study on graphitization degree, porosity ( volume density ), purity, resistance coefficient and crystal structure etc of graphite is summarized.
4. The test results indicate that corrosion form of flake cast iron in bittern is mainly oxygen absorb corrosion and "graphitization" of cast iron is represented.
5. After sintering of high temperature, the graphitization degree of both carbon slide materials is improved.
6. The pyrogenic decomposition property, porosity and graphitization extent of petroleum coke were investigated by analyzing the petroleum coke raw material.
7. The effects of graphitization under different charge conditions and preserving conditions were investigated numerically.
8. The presence of water is unfavorable to the graphitization (ordering) of carbonaceous matter.
9. Graphitization plays an important role in the synthesis of Ultrafine Diamond ( UFD ) during explosive detonation.
10. The carbonization and the graphitization of PI filament were described.
11. According to pyrology test, this article has analyzed energy conservation direction and step of electrode graphitization stove.
12. The textural of pyrolytic carbons were observed by polarized light microscopy(PLM), and the graphitization degree and microcrystal size of these C/C composites was analyzed by XRD.
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13. It has a complete production line , include rolling type workshop, baking workshop, dipping workshop, graphitization workshop, mechanical processing workshop, and advanced testing method.
14. Sulphur exerts a strong influences on graphite nucleation and its growth, graphitization and graphite morphology.
15. The gold metallogeny is characterized by auriferous pyrite and occurred in the alternating layer of heavy-layer metasandstone, flaggy metasandstone and graphitization schist.
16. This advantage can reduce the mold wall movement caused by the graphitization expansion of ductile iron casting.
17. In comparison with the carbonized fibers, the carbon fibers after graphitization treatment display more perfect crystal orientation along the main surface of ribbon-shaped carbon fibers.
18. The electrical conductivity of the composites is less sensitive to the graphitization degree apparent density.
19. The main features of CNTs contain highly - perfect graphitization structure and high specific surface area.
20. According to pyrology test article has analyzed energy conservation direction and step of electrode graphitization stove.
21. The changes of preferred orientation of PAN-based carbon fibers during continuous high temperature graphitization and hot stretching graphitization were investigated by X-ray diffraction(XRD).
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