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Granola in a sentence

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Similar words: grand pianoethanollanolinoceanologyvolcanologynanotechnologyno laughing matterotorhinolaryngologyMeaning: n. cereal made of especially rolled oats with dried fruits and nuts and honey or brown sugar. 
1 Granola is a lot like muesli, only crunchier.
2 Both the oatmeal cookie and the granola bar were good, but I preferred the latter.
3 Having a healthy snack on hand, like a granola bar or fruit can help your blood sugar levels and may provide a healthy boost of energy.
4 Having a healthy snack on hand, like a granola bar or fruit can help your blood sugar levels and may provide a healthy boost of energy. (Overeating will do the opposite and drag you down!
5 Snacks on granola doused with apple juice.
6 Yogurt with Granola, Tropical Fruit, and Crystallized Ginger.
7 Granola bars have more flavor options than even candy bars do, so pick your poison.
8 Unschoolers are hippies, eat granola and sprouts,[] and wear sandals.
9 A granola bar, an apple, and a cold glass of milk.
10 Egg white omelets, fruit bowls or yogurt and granola combinations are a perfect breakfast for beginning to boost your metabolism.
11 That night, when he ate a granola bar, she left hers untouched. Once he was snoring, she stashed it under the seat.
12 “I didn’t know there would be another granola, ” said Alex Crosier of Granola Lab, eyeballing the competition for her ginger-molasses and cranberry-cashew mixtures.
13 I believe it was a granola bar, right?
14 Other potential sources include cereals, granola bars, dressings and sauces[], and even shampoos and lotions.
15 The downside: Many granola bars are dipped in sugary syrups or loaded with chocolate chips, highly processed or artificial ingredients and aren't much better than high-calorie candy bars.
16 Tom and Tamitha ate a granola bar apiece, snuggled under the blankets with Medusa, and tried to sleep.
17 The Big Man goes without eating for hours and hours at a time, so once, trying to be helpful, I bought him a big bag of granola to keep in his desk.
18 It joined other essentials in my field pouch like extra camera batteries, flash cards, Swiss Army knife, toilet paper, notebook, granola bar, bottled water and luck.
19 Dr. Johnson said that candy is considered bad because it lacks the "health halo" that hovers over sweet food like granola bars and fruit juice.
20 The beagle is a bargain too: The whole pup can be rented out for $92 per night for two people and includes a breakfast of homemade granola and pastries.
21 These products include winners and sinners: juices that supply kids with needed calcium, but also candy disguised as granola bars with just a smidgeon of much-ballyhooed nutrients.
22 Or maybe it was the cheesecake, or the Krispy Kreme, or the pecan nut pie. Or the granola bar, or the brownie, or the Oreo.
23 Saturated fat, usually in the form of coconut oil, lurks in most commercially baked breads and cakes, in nondairy creamers, on the oiled surface of frozen French fries, and even in wholesome granola.
24 Okay, Snickers is about 280 calories a bar but my favorite granola bar (supposedly packed with protein) is 320 calories.
25 It could be something along the lines of a granola bar.
26 Try baking blueberries into oatmeal to create your own oatmeal-blueberry granola bar, or mixing them into whole-wheat pancake or waffle batter.
27 The next day my body would be cursing me, but the tea eggs seemed as effective as any nature store granola mix.
28 Healthful choices include a small handful of dried fruit and nuts, whole - grain crackers with a slice of cheese or a hard-boiled egg, or yogurt topped with a tablespoon of granola.
29 Layer fresh or frozen berries with vanilla yogurt and nuts or granola.
30 Have a little yogurt with cereal in it, a little bit of peanut butter on some crackers, or a granola bar with a little bit of protein in it.
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