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Gordian in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2017-08-12Updated:2017-08-12
Similar words: gordian knota Gordian knotcordialcordiallyguardianprimordialcordialitylegal guardianMeaning: ['gɔːdjən] adj. extremely intricate; usually in phrase `Gordian knot'. random good picture
(1) If Gorbachev expects to untie the Gordian knot, he has over-estimated his powers.
(2) A similar attempt to cut the Gordian knot of Chapter 4 also proves to be fallacious.
(3) Wine and women-here we have the Gordian knot of the crisis.
(4) It is your intelligence that cuts the Gordian knot which we cannot untie.
(5) Let's cut the Gordian knot in doing with such a complicated matter.
(6) They have decided to cut the Gordian knot to wipe out the enemy at a blow.
(7) The planners were busy bypassing the Gordian knot.
(8) Because, still have more the a Gordian knot allows investor people anxiety-ridden.
(9) The result has been a Gordian knot of preconditions for resuming talks that even the most ardent expert would be hard-pressed to figure out.
(10) It is a Gordian knot that leads us to the following conclusion—the subject is looking for his certainty.
(11) Of index building is very a Gordian knot .
(12) The first day when attend class, encountered a Gordian knot.
(13) Everybody is afraid, what a Gordian knot did golden hill interior produce?
(14) But it's a Gordian knot, my dear, and it will have to be cut.
(15) Kosovo issue is a Gordian knot in the Balkans at all times, due to long historical and ethical factors as well as playing games among powers.
(16) In recent years, governments have tried to cut the Gordian knot by imposing cuts in state support to the railways.
(17) Many of us have learned the legend of Alexander the Great and the Gordian Knot.
(18) On the one hand, POS study is always a Gordian knot to Chinese linguists ever since the beginning of Modern Chinese Linguistics.
(19) It is a shame that so far the central authorities have not appeared determined to unloose this Gordian knot.
(20) This learns a territory in culture and education of domestic and international language, all along is one compares an a Gordian knot.
(21) Therefore, Gas injection(especially CO2) for EOR has the enormous applied potential as a gordian technique for tertiary oil recovery of low permeability oil fields.
(22) However, they have not been able to make any breakthrough on the major issues of dispute, and the Kashmir issue is still "a Gordian knot".
(23) And below current condition choose is mixed groom the course house of high quality member it is very a Gordian knot, carry out it is quite difficult to rise.
(24) The relationship between new and old three - meetings is the Gordian knot in course of enterprise reforming.
(25) The problem of weak power position that solves peasant worker worker is each country all the time most feeling a Gordian knot.
(26) We must try to solve the problem even if it is really a Gordian knot.
(27) He introduced an entirely new idea which cut the Gordian knot that had held up the Ricci-flow approach – -bearing on the central question of "collapsing" in Riemannian geometry.
(28) The Israelis and Palestinians are in a conflict which is a Gordian knot that may not be resolved for a long time.
(29) Current, urban heavy traffic already became each country government a Gordian knot.
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