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Gnostic in a sentence

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Similar words: agnosticprognosticatediagnosediagnosesdiagnosisprognosisglasnostnostalgiaMeaning: ['nɒstɪk] n. an advocate of Gnosticism. adj. 1. of or relating to Gnosticism 2. possessing intellectual or esoteric knowledge of spiritual things. 
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1 Justin held in abhorrence the Gnostic mixing of myths and cults to make an unpalatable bouillabaisse of religions.
2 In Gnostic tradition, Sophia plays a very active role in our world.
3 The Neo-Platonic Gnostic school of Alexandria became its centre in the first centuries A. D.
4 The neo - platonic Gnostic school of Alexandria became its centre in the first centuries A . D .
5 Thus, without reference to anything authentically Gnostic,( Voegelin claims that Nietzsche represents a "gnosis shut off" from transcendence.
6 A further example of this is the various gnostic cults (such as Pelagianism) which adopted the personage of Jesus or the concept of a Savior, yet did not adopt the underlying doctrinal elements.
7 The Gnostics and the Manichaeans also believed in transmigration, but early Christians who adopted Gnostic and Manichaean doctrines were declared heretics by the church.
8 Gnostic texts concern the fall of man from the divine to the material world.
9 Irenaeus strived to obliterate Gnostic ideas and the writings that espoused them.
10 Another hug antic , gnostic waste of my life.
11 In the Gnostic view, the unconscious self of man is consubstantial with the Godhead, but because of a tragic fall it is thrown into a world that is completely alien to its real being.
12 Gnostic writings repeatedly stress divine revelation and the need for both human effort toward realizing gnosis, as well as the need for corresponding divine grace or angelic help.
13 Two teachers of Gnostic, heterodox repute, traveled abroad at different times during the middle of the second century AD.
14 In Gnostic lore, Sophia was the mother of all angels.
15 Gnostic sects are generally monadic - they believe in a singular supreme being.
16 Mediaeval Alchemy contained Gnostic elements.
17 This may refer to the menstrual blood and semen consumed sacramentally by some Gnostic groups.
18 One clue to the possible identity of the Magdalen in Gnostic eyes is to be found in her parentage.
19 Priscillian's own teaching was characterised by a marked strain of Nestorian thought, as well as by skeins of Gnostic Manichaeanism.
20 That is what is implied by O'Regan's pronouncement that today it is impossible to follow Bohme, i.e., Gnostic life is closed to man.
21 This is evident not just in the relatively small early Gnostic groups, but also in more recent Gnostic traditions like the Christian theosophy of Jacob Bohme.
22 But Simon's gnosis remained essentially Jewish and monotheistic, as did that of the Gnostic circles to which later parts of the New Testament allude.
23 In discussing Hegel, Voegelin also brands him a "Gnostic, " and then offers the following: "Gnosis desires dominion over being; in order to seize control of being the Gnostic constructs his system.
24 It was only with the rise of Christianity , however, that Gnostic syncretism came to full expression.
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