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Glare in a sentence

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Sentence count:165+12 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-12-19Updated:2016-12-19
Synonym: blindburndazzleflareflashglazeglowglowerscowlshinestareSimilar words: glare atgladglassglanceglaciersunglasseslooking glasslargeMeaning: [gler /gleə] n. 1. great brightness 2. an angry stare 3. a focus of public attention. v. 1. look at with a fixed gaze 2. be sharply reflected 3. shine intensely. 
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(1) A sudden glare of headlights lit the driveway.
(2) The hearings were conducted in the full glare of publicity.
(3) He turned his baleful glare on the cowering suspect.
(4) She fixed her questioner with an icy glare.
(5) Don't glare at me like that, you deserved the scolding.
(6) She gave me a fierce glare.
(7) Dark glasses are an effective shield against the glare.
(8) Rabbits transfixed in the glare of car headlights are common victims on the roads.
(9) His glasses magnified his irritable glare.
(10) The divorce was conducted in the full glare of media publicity.
(11) Norma is said to dislike the glare of publicity.
(12) The walls were whitewashed to reflect the glare of the sun.
(13) The glare of the headlights almost blinded us.
(14) The actor's wedding took place in the full glare of publicity/the media.
(15) We wore sunglasses to reduce the glare from the road.
(16) She attacked police in the full glare of TV cameras.
(17) This screen gives off a lot of glare.
(18) He screwed up his eyes against the glare of the sun.
(19) Under the glare of the street lamps(, visibility was good.
(20) She was caught in the harsh glare of the headlights.
(21) He gave me an icy glare.
(22) We screwed up our eyes against the blinding glare from the searchlights.
(23) He sent her a glare that was full of suspicion.
(24) The divorce was conducted in the full glare of publicity .
(25) There was a red glare over the burning village.
(26) For a moment I was blinded by the glare of headlights coming towards me.
(27) I shielded my eyes against the glare.
(28) She gave me a stony glare as I walked into the room.
(29) He tried not to let his irritation show as he blinked in the glare of the television lights.
(30) For a moment she was blinded by the harsh glare of the sun.
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