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Getter in a sentence

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1. Unrighteous gains are sure to disappoint the getter.
2. While the above getter / setter methods are trivial, the real value of bijection via getter / setter methods is that you can add custom logic to manipulate the bijection process.
3. Getter - ion pumps decrease chamber pressure by chemical reaction of residual gases with an evaporated metal.
4. Zr-Al Getter developed by our institute has been Widely used in lamps, electron tubes, purifying rare gases, Getter ion pumps, alkaline metal releasers etc.
5. It contains getter methods that return the child object of type class at index from TestObject parent.
6. The names of the getter, setter, and deleter are nothing reserved.
7. The getter methods on the course object are used in various places in Listing 5 to read the course data.
8. Zirconium-aluminium getter pump is a new type of vacuum installation, in which the non-evaporable getter material is used to absorb the active gases.
9. Getter is usually massive or thin-film deposition in the form of fresh metal or alloy.
10. Given the whole story, Ed Woodsum would seem the natural politician, the sure vote getter.
11. Ezra was unlike Nehemiah, he may not be a getter.
12. Describes briefly the construction and operating principle of titanium getter pump.
13. Your realistic approach makes you reliable and a teal go - getter.
14. In the paper the kinetics of hydrogen absorption was studied, and a basic model was presented for the non- evaporable getter material.
15. Seven test points are available, which provide a low voltage proportional to the five electrode voltages , as well as to the photocathode and the getter currents (see chapter 5).
16. Recent electronic means of pumping using low temperature sorption techniques and getter - ion pumps have been introduced.
17. When receiving data from a native language application, the byte stream is fed into a new instance of the class(, and getter methods are used to read the attributes.
18. Click Yes and you should see that your Login script has the Getter function, as shown in Figure 8.
19. Combining the nostalgia of the chia pet and the technology of biodiesel engines, we think this grass-covered VW is a real attention getter.
20. Hayes and the conductor seated next to him , Dale Getter, watched her, horrified.
21. A composite pump was developed which is composed of a non evaporable getter pump and a sputtering ion pump.
22. Wow ! Well , then I have to say, you're a real go - getter!
23. The problem with using classes for structured data is that each class has its own distinct interface for accessing that data, typically through getter/setter methods.
24. Performing this task involves computing intermediate and summary values for the statistical procedure through a series of getter methods.
25. Retrieve the result of the EIS function call by calling the appropriate getter methods on the output record.
26. The ion collector electrode (141) is made at least partially from a getter material.
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