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Geostationary orbit in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2018-01-11Updated:2018-01-11
Similar words: geostationarystationarydictionary ordergeosynchronous orbitcardiopulmonary resuscitationprobationarydeflationaryinflationaryMeaning: n. a geosynchronous orbit that is fixed with respect to a position on the Earth. random good picture
1. This is known as a geostationary orbit and it is the orbit of choice for communications satellites.
2. As I mentioned earlier, a geostationary orbit is very handy for communications satellites.
3. These satellites are in geostationary orbit and the images that they provide are used primarily in weather forecasting applications.
4. The first satellites placed in geostationary orbit were the synchronous communication(SYNCOM)satellites launched by NASA in 1963.
5. "First Men to a Geostationary Orbit" does not have quite the same ring as "First Men to the Moon", a book von Braun wrote in 1958.
6. Launches on generally in advance the geostationary orbit for the satellite, is loaded with the high accuracy detector on the satellite.
7. With the background of the next generation of geostationary orbit meteorological satellite, the effect of payload mirror motion and solar array stepping motion are studied.
8. If this particular GOES satellite is in geostationary orbit such that it experiences an eclipse by Earth at 7:00 UTC, then this point in time is when Greenwich is experiencing a dawn.
9. Communications satellites, for example, have a geostationary orbit.
10. Of course an infinite number of equatorial orbits exist, but only one geostationary orbit.
11. China will develop 12 Beidou or North Dipper satellites, some destined for geostationary orbit. It plans a navigation and positioning system of more than 30 satellites, Sun said.
12. This paper analyzes the visibility of GPS satellites in geostationary orbit, and suggests the way to judge whether the GPS satellites are visible.
13. This was a clear message for me that for future volcanic monitoring, you really need good observations from geostationary orbit; and for Europe, it will be MTG or nothing.
14. The project started in 2000, when the first two Beidou satellites were launched into geostationary orbit.
15. The plan is to create a miles-wide array of photovoltaic panels, like the solar panels used on Earth , and place it in a geostationary orbit.
16. The future, then, looks bounded by that new outer limit of planet Earth, the geostationary orbit.
17. Now in the 1990's it have been growing in using orbits other than the geostationary orbit for telecommunications satellites. It is the best approach to use the Low Earth Orbit(LEO) satellites.
18. The idea was two decades ahead of its time, and helped to attach his name to the geostationary orbit above the equator.
19. Finite multiple burn method is used for the transfer from Space Shuttle low earth orbit to the geostationary orbit with low accelerations.
19. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
20. In the meantime, it could replace chemical rockets for pushing satellites from low Earth orbit to geostationary orbit.
21. This paper makes an undated assessment of the technical and economic feasibility of transferring satellites from Low Earth Orbit to Geostationary Orbit using low thrust propulsion.
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