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Geometric mean in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2018-03-12Updated:2018-05-26
Similar words: geometric modelgeometricgeometricsgeometricalgeometriciangeometryelectric metersolid geometryMeaning: n. the mean of n numbers expressed as the n-th root of their product. 
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1. In this paper, the geometric mean value of product of non zero of base m digits is discussed, the exact calculating formula is given.
2. The limit theorems of arithmetic mean and geometric mean were discussed in many articles. In this article, we give some sufficient conditions about the law of large number of logarithmic mean.
3. In this paper the method of synthesis using geometric mean of the judgments(CMJ)for making group decisions in AHP was discussed theoretically.
4. Then an arithmetical mean, which came from the geometric mean of these three measures multiplying sub-band weighted coefficients, was used as final comprehensive assessment indicator.
5. The numerical results also indicate that the weighted geometric mean method needs less number of iteration than the weighted arithmetic mean method.
6. A geometric mean formula is first derived for the equivalent seismic velocity of EDA media.
7. The weighted arithmetic - geometric mean inequality is a very important inequality in mathematics.
8. Table 3. 2 provides individual estimate for gaseous coal seams with the geometric mean used wherever a wide spread is given.
9. The level of Escherichia coli should not exceed 610 per 100 mL, calculated as the geometric mean of all samples collected in a calendar year.
10. The research for the means has a long history, the classical means include algebraic mean, geometric mean and harmonic mean etc.
11. The total quota of water use in different level of water saving was put forward based on regression analysis, probability estimation analysis,( advanced quadratic mean method and geometric mean method.
12. The approach makes use of another important feature of the scale-free network: the final formation of a scale-free network is controlled by the geometric mean of its degrees.
13. The antibody level was related to age and area. With age increasing, positive rate and geometric mean concentration of antibody decreased.
14. In the paper, it is concerned about the weighted geometric mean of known Copulas.
15. This paper revises the computational method of PQI by weighed geometric mean and demonstrates the reasonability of the revision.
16. And these results verify not only the feasibility of geometric mean method, but also the extensibility of EDA media on fluid
17. This paper discussed the theorem of the average arithmetic geometric mean of algebraic polynomials systematically, then derived and analyzed the original geometric programming (GP) briefly.
18. The purpose of this paper is to study the discrete weighted geometric mean inequality.
19. The mathematical mean of the physical quantity has multiple expressions forms, including arithmetical mean and geometric mean, etc.
20. In fact, there are some very old books that show this as the average, the sum divided by two arithmetic mean, but the modern practice is to use the geometric mean.
21. In this paper, we prove the inequality relations of arithemetric mean, logarithmic mean, exponential mean and geometric mean for two positive numbers by using probabilistic method.
22. X is the electronegativity of the semiconductor, which is the geometric mean of the electronegativity of the constituent atoms.
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